A 360 project in a control center in Quintana Roo with Advantis NG

The C5 in Quintana Roo meets all the expectations and needs of its operators with personalized ergonomic technical furniture and high-quality audiovisual systems

Sala de control C5 Quintana Roo

The C5 of the state of Quintana Roo is the command, control, computing and communications center of the State Government in charge of capturing comprehensive information for decision-making related to public safety, medical emergencies, the environment, civil protection, mobility, anonymous complaint, cybersecurity, etc.

In order to carry out their daily work, the operators of the center required the latest generation and high quality tools suitable for a critical environment of these characteristics, in which the workers are in a continuous state of alert. For this reason, they trust GESAB for the development of the project, from the design phase to its implementation.

Custom project with specific needs

GESAB developed a 360 degree work in the project due to they developed the architectural consultancy of the entire building hand in hand with the end user, in addition to the design and implementation of the 24/7 furniture and audiovisual systems, supporting the integrator of the project.

Consolas de control Advantis NG C5 Quintana Roo

The main monitoring center had to be divided so that the various areas could carry out their work, so the final design was made up of a large central monitoring room with 24/7 operation in the central part and adjacent 24/7 auxiliary rooms that needed greater privacy, such as the intelligence areas or anonymous reporting 089.

The positions had to have the maximum performance and ergonomics, for which the Advantis NG control consoles were selected with a personalized design to adapt to the corporate image of the client. In addition, for the main control room they were designed with a semicircular shape meeting the needs of the space and in the rest of the auxiliary rooms with a linear format.

The consoles were complemented with 24/7 ergonomic accesories shuch as supports for screens and chairs for the operators, both from Humanscale.

Those responsible for the C5 needed to implement two large meeting rooms with tables with integrated technology as screen, audio and home automation to be able to hold dynamic and efficient meetings as possible.

A videowall adapted to the space

A large videowall presides the main control room, also in a semicircular format due to the needs of the design of the space, made up of a 9×3 set of 80” rear-projection laser cubes with almost 60 million pixels and an estimated useful life of 14 years in continuous operation.

Although not only the main control room had to have a videowall, thus implementing another 55″ LCD 3×3 UNISEE in the Board Rooms and a 55″ 4×2 KVB in the NOC room. In the Operational Crisis Room, the videowall was even more special, since it had a motorized system for its height adjustment, finally being a 55″ 6×1 KVD.

Salas de control C5 Quintana Roo

All the installed videowalls had to be interconnected with each other, complicating the task of design and implementation for the GESAB experts.

A high-quality final result

The project began to be developed in 2018 for which GESAB experts carried out several designs, renders and tests until they reach the level of detail that the client needed to cover the needs. Both the person in charge of C5 and the GESAB team were always on the same tuning and perfectly understood the requirements. Despite the inconveniences that the pandemic caused in the development of the project, the final result is a C5 that is an international benchmark and fully operational for the development of public security monitoring.

In words of the Director of the Quintana Roo Security Complex “GESAB is always attentive to any detail that arises, I can say that I am totally satisfied with the service I have received.”

Mesa de reuniones C5 Quintana Roo
Centro de Seguridad C5 Quintana Roo logo
Client: C5 Security Complex
Country: Mexico
Sector: Security
About C5 Security Complex: The Security Center is the unit in charge of the integration, administration, operation, surveillance and development of technological systems applied to public security, with the specifications granted by the National Public Security System.

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Design and implementation of the C5 security control center, control rooms and meeting rooms with high-quality integrated technology.


Custom Advantis NG, ergonomic accessories, videowall, meeting tables and integrated technology.


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