A control room of unique design and space for CEPSA Chemical

An Advantis NG control console for three operators with an ergonomic design 100% personalised to the space.

The confidence of CEPSA in the quality of the productos and services that GESAB offers goes back a long way, since the control center of the refinery located in Algeciras (Cádiz) implemented some time ago technical furniture of the company. Therefore, when the CEPSA Chemical section wanted to renovate their panelist room located in a bunker in the same space as the refinery, they did not hesitate to contact GESAB again.

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In this new project, CEPSA Chemical requested the development of a totally customized ergonomic design of the space, as well as ergonomic control consoles that comply with diverse existing standards. Due to the space had very particular characteristics, the team of experts of GESAB carried out some layouts and renderings until obtaining the final configuration that the client wanted.

Custom ergonomic design

The design finally agreed was made up of a large Advantis NG control console for three operators with a 100% personalized design for both to the space and the corporate image of the company. The equipment of the operators of the room required a technical furniture that could have a high density of wiring, so the selected model turned out to be the most suitable because of its large vertebral beam, which facilitates the organization and handling of cables. In addition, its structure allows for a wide and robust composition without the need of implement intermediate legs, but without sacrificing the design of simple lines characteristic of GESAB.

The workspaces were complemented with ergonomic accesories, such as monitor supports or 24/7 chairs.

Advantis NG búnker CEPSA

The requirements of the client also included a control console for the individual engeneering position, also an Advantis NG model, which complied with the ergonomic standars necessary to develop daily work.

Finally, a meeting control console was designed higher than the rest, placed in the central space, destined to the development of more dynamic, faster and efficient stand up meetings. Likewise, being able to intersperse of sitting work and standing meetings helps operators to maintain better health through changes in posture.

Efficient work for the management of sensitive information

One of the biggest difficulties faced by the installation team of GESAB was the need to “work hot”, that is, with the control room in operation. This can not stop being operational at any time due to the sensitive of the information managed in the place, that is why, the technical furniture was first implemented and once everything was in place, the audiovisual systems were implemented.

Consola de control búnker CEPSA

The result of the project is a control room with an innovative and personalized design in which operators can carry out their work in a healthy, ergonomic and efficient way.

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Client: CEPSA
Country: Spain
Sector: Energy
About CEPSA: CEPSA is a global and diversified energy and chemical company present throughout the oil, chemical and gas value chain. It is the first Spanish private oil company and one of the leading energy companies in the country that develops its activity in the five continents.

Data sheet


Ergonomic design of the control center.


Custom Advantis NG control consoles, ergonomic supports for monitors and 24/7 chairs.



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