Renovation of the control center of ACCIONA Aguas de Valencia

Control center Aguas de Valencia

Aguas de Valencia, the area that control the phreatic level of the water and the channels and fluvial of the area, needed to perform a completed remodelationof the control center where its activity was managed and its access zone. It was essential maintaining the corporate image in all the moment, both in the control room itself as out of it, thus GESAB worked side by side with the company that maintains the space.

Sala de control Aguas de Valencia

The control room had five operators for whom the 100% customized Advantis ADN + control console was installed in the space, complemented by a large videowall with LED technology in which to monitor alerts and controls managed by the operators. The offices of those responsible for the control center were also designed and renovated.

The design carried out in the control center was carried out with the aim that it could be visited.

Videowall Aguas de Valencia
Client: ACCIONA Aguas de Valencia
Country: Spain
Sector: Industry & Infraestructure
About ACCIONA Aguas de Valencia: Acciona is a spanish company of promotion and mangement of infrastructure and renewable energy . It is present in 65 countries on five continents and is part of the IBEX 35.

Data sheet


Comprehensive renovation of the control room


Personalized Advantis control consoles and 4×1 LED videowall


5 operators

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