Custom control consoles in the renovation of Bayer control rooms

Bayer had a control center that after years of use had become obsolete. Managing the control signals using lights in a synoptic instead of having a videowall, was one of the main reasons that led the company to decided to carry out a comprehensive remodeling of the space while maintaining all the time the corporate image of the client.

The control console model selected for the project was Advantis Evolution, which was complemented by ergonomic arms for operator monitors and 24/7 ergonomic chairs. This technical furniture has great funtionality allowing to differentiate the space destined to computer systems from the space for operatos with highest quality materials. The console was completely personalized to the needs of the reduced space including a meeting area in one end; a peninsula zone where three to four people can have meetings.

Consola de control Bayer

Due to the dimensions and characteristics of the room it was impossible to implement a videowall, so it was decided to install a monitor to support the equipment of operators modernizing their signal system.

Despite being a small control center, through an exhaustive design it was possible to create a large space of storage with cabinets where store the large amount of documentation that the operators manage.

To maintain the traditional style of the space, the elements used so far in the day-to-day work work of the operators were delicately disassembled and later incorporated as decorative elements, such as the synoptic or old documents.

Due to the professionalism of the GESAB team and the high quality of its products and services, as well as client satisfaction with the final result of the project, after updating the first room two more control rooms were renovated.

Bayer sala de control
Country: Spain
Sector: Industry and Consumption
About BAYER IBERIA: Bayer is a company with more than 150 years of history. Bayer is a leader in innovation in the fields of health, agriculture and high-performance materials, strongly identified with countries in which it operates.

Data sheet


Reform of the Control Room with space design and personalized technical furniture


Advantis Evolution control consoles, 24/7 ergonomic chairs


3 operators

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