Control center with Advantis Evolution for ADT

The first ADT control center was designed and executed by GESAB for 18 operators. From the beginning, the client decided on customized Advantis Evolution control consoles, as this model is a highly ergonomic model whose flexibility was naturally adapted to the needs of both the space and each operator. The consoles were complemented by ergonomic supports for arms and computers, as well as 24/7 ergonomic Freedom model chairs.

After the company moved to a new facilities, to where ADT transferred all the control consoles requested until that moment, the client continued to trust the professionalism and high quality of GESAB products, since for several years they continued to request consoles, up to 30 positions, always customized to the needs of the positions, many of them being double-sided and with special supports for monitoring important supermarkets.

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, custom L-shaped methacrylate screens have recently been installed to offer a safe separation between operators, since the control center is running 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Client: ADT
Country: Spain
Sector: Security and Defence
About ADT: ADT was adquired by Tico in 1998 and it gives protection services to households and companies against thefts, commercial and industrial safety and government and institutional facilities throughout the world.

Data sheet


Design, execution, and expansion of the technical furniture of the control center. Diseño, ejecución y ampliación del mobiliario técnico del centro de control. Installation of safety screens between operators.


Advantis Evolution control consoles and ergonomic supports



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