Comprehensive renovation of the Torrejón de Ardoz Police control center

Background and challenges

The Torrejón de Ardoz Police need to restyle their control center since it had become obsolete and could not meet their needs. Indra, the project integrator, contacted GESAB as a supplier of technical furniture and audiovisual supports as well as the ergonomic design of the space.


For the composition of the control center, GESAB proposed to install two linear Advantis ADN+ control consoles for two operators each one with a white phenolic envelope, auxiliary compartments for operators and local equipment, and articulated arms for a greater visual ergonomics of the employees. The consoles were completed with ergonomic Freedom 24/7 chairs.

The large 3×2 videowall located in front of the operators stations includes the Torrejón de Ardoz City Council logo and micro-leds as the perimeter light of the large screen.

Policia Torrejon Sala Control

Glass partition with an automatic door, also made of glass, divide the space for operators from the rest of the environment, where must be accessed by authorization granted through the installed infrared access control totem.

Technical floor, complete lighting, air conditioning or ergonomic improvements for the entire space complete the project.


GESAB was able to develop a fully functional space for a critical environment adapted to the ergonomic needs of the operators.

Policia de Torrejon Sala de Control
Client: Torrejón de Ardoz City Council
Country: Spain
Sector: Public Administration
Subsector: Public Safety
About Torrejón de Ardoz City Council: The local police service of Torrejón de Ardoz is the responsible of looking out for the city safety and among others services like traffic monitoring, traffic education, green patrols and fight against gender violence.

Data sheet


Control room restyle by supplying audiovisual systems, custom control consoles and various ergonomic supports.


Videowall 3×2, customized Advantis ADN+ control consoles, ergonomic supports, enclosing partitions, technical floor and 24/7 ergonomic chairs.



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