Latest technology in the reception room of Arab House

Meeting table with high-quality materials equiped with latest technology for holding meetings.

Meeting table Casa Árabe

The reception and meeting room of the Arab House, a strategic center in the relations of Spain with the Arab world, needed to update and modernize its meeting table so that it could be more functional.

This meeting place between institutions both private and public asked GESAB for a complete project that included the design and implementation of a large meeting table equiped with the latest technology such as elevating monitors and microphones which facilitate the holding of meetings. The table was complemented with high-quality ergonomic chairs.

Decision center Casa Árabe

The materials used for its composition were polished stainless steel in all the structure and tinted safety glass in a blue color selected expressly by the client, which turns out to be a benchmark in Arab culture.

Dada la satisfacción del cliente con el resultado del proyecto llevado a cabo por GESAB, la sala de recepciones fue inaugurada por autoridades árabes entre los que se encontraban jeques.

Due to the client’s satisfaction with the result of the project carried out by GESAB, the reception room was inaugurated by Arab authorities.

Casa arabe Sala recepciones
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Client: Arab House
Country: Spain
Sector: Public Administrations
About Arab House: Arab House is a strategic center and meeting point between Spain and the Arab world where lines of cooperation are established and joint projects are launched.

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Modernization of the Reception room


Meeting table with advanced technology applications


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