Comprehensive renovation at the highest level of the control center of a bypass in Mexico

Sit & stand Advantis NG, DeskWall and DataWall in a renovated space with the aim of achieving maximum productivity and efficiency for the operators of the San Luis de Potosí bypass

META, an integrating company of the Valoran Group, which has more than 40 years of experience in the development of infrastructure in Mexico, contacted us with the intention of renewing, updating and making the control room of the San Luis Potosí highway bypass more efficient, one of the most important tolls in the country.

The workers in the control room of the audit area did not have the appropriate means to carry out their activity as they developed their work on conventional office furniture, did not have a correct wiring system, and were in a very non-ergonomic space.

360 degree project in a small and complicated space

After knowing the needs of the META team, the GESAB team decided to propose a 360-degree project in which, in addition to implementing technical furniture and more advanced management systems, the installation of technical flooring and new lighting was proposed. Also, modernizing and making work more efficient, the aim was to aesthetically unify the space and give it a feeling of greater spaciousness. Although this task was not easy, since the ceiling was lower so the raised floor had to be thinner and the luminaires had to be installed almost flush with the ceiling without losing their aesthetics.

As for the furniture, individual Advantis NG control consoles with a sit & stand system were proposed, which not only provided operators with extra ergonomics and well-being by making it easier for them to work both sitting and standing, but also solved the problem of wiring and installation of systems they had. The consoles were complemented with large curved monitors, further increasing the ergonomics of the operating position, 24/7 ergonomic chairs and lockers.

DeskWall and DataWall for high-level operability

The operability and criticality of the space also demanded a new information management platform and toll alerts, so DeskWall was implemented in each operator position. The platform would allow them to manage a greater volume of information in an orderly manner, eliminating conventional computers and a large part of the workplace connections.

Due to the limited space of the control center, a standard videowall could not be implemented, a problem that was solved with a large format screen and the DataWall videowall content manager, whose management is dynamic and agile.

Both the implementation and configuration of DeskWall and DataWall, as well as the installation of furniture, flooring and lighting, were carried out smoothly and quickly. In addition, training on systems and control consoles was provided to the entire META team, accompanying the client throughout the entire project process.

The final result is a space that, if the before and after were compared, seems like a completely new and different location, where users will be able to carry out their daily activities in an efficient, ergonomic and safe way, and with technical systems and furniture according to the criticality of the space. Thus, we can be proud of having passed an almost improvised control center in a very busy environment, into a first-class one with the highest standards of quality, ergonomics, efficiency and cybersecurity.

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Client: META – Valoran Group
Country: Mexico
Sector: Transport
About META – Valoran Group: META, belonging to the Valoran Group, is a Mexican company with 40 years of successful history in real estate and infrastructure development through avant-garde and innovative projects that have contributed to the development of San Luis Potosí and Mexico.

Data sheet


Renovation of the San Luis Potosí bypass control center, infrastructure and technical furniture.


Custom Advantis NG control consoles, ergonomic accessories, DeskWall and DataWall.



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