Management of chemical processes in a console for 5 operators

A large Advantis NG console allows operators to efficiently and ergonomically control the processes of Evonik Industries.

Evonik Industries, a German company of the chemical sector with chemical plants distributed throughout the world, needed to implement a new control room in its facility in the United States to control and manage its processes.

Consola de control Evonik

Due to the available space in the control room where the five operators had to be located was limited, it was impossible to implement a control console for each operating position that would meet the minimum ergonomic standards and thus be able to provide a healthy and effective workplace. Therefore, at GESAB we proposed implementing a large control console with five positions that would make it easier for each user to have the necessary workspace to carry out their activity productively.

Evonik Industries provided us with the exact measurements of the space where the large technical piece of furniture would be located and after making the first plans and rendering we made sure that the design fit perfectly, avoiding dead and unused spaces.

Advantis NG Evonik

The control console model selected was Advantis NG given its power and great ability to organize wiring. The customization of the console was based on two fundamental aspects: the shape, which was almost a closed square, and the corporate image, since the client’s logo was included on the side legs. In addition, PC supports were included under the console envelope and custom drawers in each operating position.

To achieve maximum ergonomics of the space and allow a more efficient and healthy development of the daily activities of the operators, ergonomic arms for monitors were implemented.

The final result is a space that does not contribute visual noise as it does not have several pieces of technical and totally ergonomic furniture that allows maximum productivity and efficiency for the operators.

Sala de control Evonik
Evonik logo
Client: Evonik Industries
Country: Estados Unidos
Sector: Chemical
About Evonik Industries: Evonik Industries, a German company headquartered in Essen, is the second largest specialty chemical company in Germany and one of the largest chemical companies in the world.

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Implementación de una nueva sala de control para la gestión de procesos. Implementac


Advantis NG personalizadas y brazos ergonómicos para monitores



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