Control Room Abertis Autopistas

Background and Challenges

GESAB and Abertis have developed different control rooms in the past for monitoring roads and highways. This experience led to Abertis to on trust GESAB for the consultancy of the design of a new control room, which was finally developed and executed also by GESAB, from the interior design to the furniture and infrastructure.


With a complete redesign of its spaces and adapted to their corporate image, the Advantis NG control console was installed thanks to its versatility and adaptability to customer needs. Different spaces between the control room and meetings rooms were created, facilitating rapid decision-making. Operators from this control room can monitor any impact on toll systems quickly and efficiently, something that required more resources before this control room.


Improved ergonomics, lighting and design have led to higher rates of productivity and control by each of the operators, in turn requiring fewer resources in managing and monitoring.

Client: Abertis
Country: Spain
Sector: Toll road management
About Abertis: Abertis is the largest Spanish toll road operator in terms of kilometres managed with a total of 1,526 kilometres, which accounts for 59% of the toll roads in the country.

Data sheet


Design and construction of control room


Advantis NG, Freedom 24/7 chairs, meeting table



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