DeskWall, Advantis NG and videowall for gas and electricity control

Updating of management and control systems through dynamic KVM DeskWall in order to obtain more agile processes.

GASELEC Advantis NG control console

GASELEC, Melillense Gas and Electricity Company, asked GESAB for its extensive experience in the project design and installation in critical spaces for the implementation of a Network Control Center that would allow those responsible to achieve a more agile and updated control, management and respone system.

The project developed for Estabanell Energía was the driving force for GASELEC to contact GESAB for carrying out their project, since they were struck by the control consoles implemented on that facility and the received references were excellent.

Customization of the ergonomic technical furniture

The needs of GASELEC went beyond the implementation of a new control room, as they needed to install a more agile, dynamic and efficient management system for the reception of alerts than the one currently used, as well as a space that would allow to display the work of the operators without interrumpting their operation.

Thus, it was decided to implement in a 15 m2 space near to the control center where all the operators are located, a small control room for a single operator from which to detect incidents.

Sala de control GASELEC

In this room a customized Advantis NG control console was implemented, a powerful and functional console model that favors the optimal organization of wiring and connections, which was complemented with special ergonomic arms for 49 inches monitors that must be installed.

Avant-garde technology at the operator service

To meet the technological needs for the management, the new version of DeskWall was implemented, the dynamic KVM developed by GESAB that with a single keyboard and mouse the global management can be performed on the multi-canvas. This new system allows GASELEC to achieve the necessary agility to manage the possible incidents with grater immediacy.

The hiring of the maintenance of the DeskWall platform also will ensure that the company has always a fully operational and updated system.

Finally a videowall of 55 inches 2×2 screens was also installed that is used as display support for the operator.

GASELEC videowall

A very completed project to meet specific needs

The end result is a room of reduced size that meets the most demanding needs of GASELEC. In this way, GESAB has once again manage to meet the highest expectations of its clients and achieve their satisfaction.

In addition, having worked with local suppliers has been an added value since, despite their inexperience on this kind of proyects, it has facilitated cost and time reduction by avoiding travelling.

Gaselec Melilla logo
Client: Melillense Gas and Electricity Company, GASELEC
Sector: Gas and electricity
About Melillense Gas and Electricity Company, GASELEC: Melillense Gas and Electricity Company, GASELEC, is an electric power distribution company that provides its services exclusively in the Autonomous City of Melilla.

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Design, supply and customization of technical furniture for the control room, KVM and videowall.


Custom Advantis NG control consoles with ergonomic supports, DeskWall KVM and videowall.



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