DeskWall provided SES with the perfect environment to integrate different systems

Background and Challenges

The quality of the signal received and transmitted by the well-known ASTRA satellites serving Europe, the global O3b medium earth orbit (MEO) constellation and other geostationary (GEO)  satellites dedicated to different services operated by SES is managed and supervised from its headquarters in Luxembourg with the purpose of guaranteeing high-quality retransmission to all receptors.

Its control centre was completely renovated and needed the latest technology in management and display, in order to supervise a large amount of data in a critical 24/7 work environment.

SES entrusted GESAB with the development and startup of the data display systems in the main room. The project was challenging from the start due to the large amount and variety of display sources for two environments: the operator station and the two video walls that make up the room. The integration of other applications and systems into DeskWall made it possible to offer the customer a complete solution.


The main room is laid out around a central circle with five DeskWall stations and an external ring with another eight operator stations, also with the DeskWall system. The operators can release and share data with the two installed 4×3 and 7×3 video walls. The facilities also have two DeskWall stations in their equip room, the DPC room from which they can access the different servers and remote sources through two DeskWall encoders included in the project.

The proposal of the dynamic KVM system developed by GESAB was completed by another two DeskWall systems for the development department and another two back-ups.

The four video wall controllers were integrated into the DeskWall system, two for each video wall, thereby ensuring redundancy in the equipment. Also, point-to-point fiber optic was laid from the DPC to each video wall screen, thereby ensuring exceptional quality. We are talking about controllers with eight decoder cards capable of showing up to 48 streams in full HD at the same time.

GESAB’s development team was in charge of configuring all the sources displayed in the DeskWall environment, as well as the video wall. A complex integration covering sources such as VNC, IP video streams, Citrix, Nomachine, DeskWall encoders themselves, websites, etc., with total user and permit management.

The project was completed with the full training of the SES team to develop its autonomy with regard to the management and administration of the system.


GESAB has provided the customer with an intuitive and easy-to-manage environment for the large amount of data that operators need to manage at its main control centre, all thanks to DeskWall.

The integration of different systems and solutions into the DeskWall environment was challenging from the start of the project, and was completed successfully, enabling DW to grow as an improved global solution for critical environments.

Client: SES
Country: Luxemburgo
Sector: Telecommunications
About SES: SES is the leading satellite operator in the world and operates over 70 GEO and MEO satellites, capable of covering 99% of the world’s population.

Data sheet


Development, installation and training for the DeskWall system.


DeskWall, video wall controllers



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