Jeddah Command and Control Center

A tailor-made project

The idea for the project came about from the first contact that took place at the IFSEC 2014 and Intersec Dubai 2015 international fairs, where GESAB showed all its experience in and potential to execute comprehensive projects for control centres. The Ministry of the Interior of Saudi Arabia is making a big investment in control room projects for the management of security and railway and road transport services.

The challenge lay in the ability to develop a project tailor-made to meet the client’s needs and wishes, so GESAB designed a set of three traffic and security control rooms for the cities of Jeddah, Mecca and Medina.

jeddah control room traffic 3

Maximum connectivity control consoles

GESAB worked very closely with the client during the entire creation and execution process of the project. Ministry of the Interior representatives visited the factory in Barcelona and there were other meetings later on to review the equipment and receive training on its assembly. This direct contact allowed a completely tailor-made project to be executed. Advantis NG consoles were chosen for their Sit & Stand system and because they offer maximum connectivity, as well as 24/7 chairs to guarantee the operators total ergonomics. The backlit logo on the outside of the consoles helps reinforce the client’s image and adapts perfectly to the room’s interior design.

jeddah control room traffic 1

Meeting customer expectations

GESAB was able to design and execute the project within the indicated periods, meeting the client’s expectations and needs. The development of this project has generated new business opportunities in the country, where the future control rooms in Mecca and Medina will control the traffic in their respective cities,

Ministry of Interior Saudi Arabia logo
Client: Ministry of Interior of Saudi Arabia
Country: Saudi Arabia
Sector: Motorway traffic security
About Ministry of Interior of Saudi Arabia: It is one of the most important public institutions in Saudi Arabia. It controls security across the country, including police, emergency, civil protection, cyber security, traffic and customs.

Data sheet


Conceptualisation, design, supply and installation of technical furniture for control rooms..


Advantis NG consoles, 24/7 ergonomic chairs and customized furniture.



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