Ferrovial Energy Control Center

Ferrovial Servicios needed to have a workspace in which to centralize its energy efficiency control services. GESAB has extensive experience in the development of energy management control centers, which is crucial for the company to bet on us for the execution of this project.

A customized and efficient solution

GESAB proposed to the client the design of a simple space that would allow operators to carry out their work in a comfortable and safe way.

The Advantis Evolution technical furniture was customized to adapt to the needs of the client, showing the corporate logo of the company on its sides. In the same way, the LED lighting served a double purpose: to highlight the sides of the console for safety and to be used in the covers to reinforce Ferrovial’s brand identity.


The fast and efficient management of the systems and data was one of the maxims to which the client aspired, and the best way to provide an innovative solution that met the highest standards of quality and performance was through DeskWall, the cutting-edge universal management platform developed by GESAB.

The four operators in the room carry out the control and management of the information through the DeskWall system, which facilitates decision-making and rapid response to the different scenarios they face.

The audiovisual systems have 38 “panoramic screens to help achieve a better visual ergonomics and an 84” main screen in which to launch and share the most relevant content.

The benefit of management with cutting-edge technology

Ferrovial Services now has an energy efficiency control center with the latest management technology thanks to the DeskWall system. Customized technical furniture helps to reinforce the brand image and integrate the company’s message into the workplace.

A project that has opened the door to future collaborations between GESAB and Ferrovial Services.

Client: Ferrovial
Country: Spain
Sector: Energy
About Ferrovial: It is a leading company in the international market specialized in consulting, maintenance and conservation of infrastructures, facilities and buildings, as well as in the integral management of waste, facility management and the provision of solutions for the Utilities sector, natural resources and industry. Ferrovial Servicios has presence in more than 15 countries where its business lines operate. It collaborates with both public and private clients.

Data sheet


Development and customization of technical furniture, implementation of the DeskWall system.


Advantis Evolution consoles, DeskWall, Av systems.



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