High-tech control center in Dubai

A control room with high-quality technical furniture that will allow the UAE Ministry of Energy and Industry a safety management and monitoring of its systems

In order to give continuity and achieve The Vision 2021 the Ministry of Energy & Infrastructure (MOEI) of the United Arab Emirates seeks to comply with the indicators set in the national, competitive and strategic agenda, so that they can obtain excellence and prosperity in society. In addition, the MOEI wishes to highlight the fundamental role played by the Emirates in the energy and industry map of the world so that they work to propose and develop policies, legislation and strategies in coordination with all interested authorities with the unique objective of achieving security, sustainability and competitiveness in the energy, industry, water and mining sectors, as well as reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

A project developed as a team meeting the highest quality standards

To achieve this objective MOEI has developed together with GESAB and Martin Professional Middle East, distributor and partner in the area, the design and implementation of a control room in which centralize the monitoring activities of critical systems and assets. that provoke the performance and the achievement of the objectives of the Ministry.

Advantis NG MOIE

At an architectural level, a great challenge was to comply with the EN 11064 and EN 527 standards, which set the guidelines for the ergonomic design of the control centers and the ergonomic furniture of the work center respectively, having to consider the dimensions of the available space in addition to the volume of positions required to locate all operators, along with the inclusion of the most advanced technologies, wide-format monitors and curved panel for each operator. Finally, in the design of the project also had to be taken into account the crisis room required by the Ministry.

Customized Advantis NG control consoles: corporate image, functionality and connectivity

Starting from a basic layout that was initially presented with the Advantis Air control console model it was later advanced in collaboration with the project manager of the end customer, Martin Pro ME and GESAB. The final ergonomic design provided a perfect visualization of the videowall composed of 10 x 2 LED cubes of 60 inches where the client pretend to visualize the applications and graphics of collaborative use in the room as well as any critical information.

The client had the opportunity to see personally all product lines of GESAB during the INTERSEC fair held in Dubai, after which in those same days, and although the final composition of the design was proposed, they decided to manage an upgrade to a better model of the control consoles due to the great importance that the project has for the Ministry and the possibilities of customization with the corporate image that the new model has, since it will be a very visited room.

Sala de control MOIE

All these reasons finally led to choose the Advantis New Generation model. Which also offers to the operators a great capacity to organize the wiring and intelligent connection systems in a totally ergonomic space.

On the other hand, the crisis room was proposed with a perfect integration of retractable monitors and great connectivity capacity, thus providing a flexible and functional solution for various types of presentation and at the same time very comfortable.

Sala de reuniones MOIE

The Result: a high quality and durable infrastructure

The creation of this new control room for the Ministry of Energy & Infrastructure means taking a great step forward in the possibilities of monitoring its assets and it opens the doors to creativity in generating ideas related to the improvment of the control and management of those assets.

A fundamental part will be the possibility of making a safety management and carring out the control of this security in all applications and systems used by the client.

The guarantee of providing the operators of MOEI with high-quality and durable infrastructures that reflect a plus in health and comfort, such as the technical furniture of GESAB, will allow to drop radically the absenteeism percentage as well as the Ministry’s needs in terms to selection processes and training program.

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Client: Ministry of Energy & Infrastructure (MOEI)
Country: United Arab Emirates (UAE)
Sector: Public Services
About Ministry of Energy & Infrastructure (MOEI): The MOEI supervises the operation of the National Water and Electricity Network of the United Arab Emirates, in addition to coordinating with the country’s distribution companies the deregulation of fuel prices in the country as of August 2015 and the adoption of a pricing mechanism in accordance with international standards.

Data sheet


Design and implementation of the control center and supply of technical furniture for the control room and the crisis room.


Custom Advantis New Generation control consoles and personalized technical furniture for crisis room.


15 positions in the control room and 13 positions at the meeting table

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