High technical demands for a control room in Israel

A control room that meets several requirements: suitable corporate image, state-of-the-art applications and ergonomic design

Control console Fiverr

Fiverr, Israeli company that sells digital services, required the installation of a control room with high-tech systems for monitoring applications and conducting videoconferences. At the same time, the space located in the central part of the offices resulted in a point of great importance for the corporate image of the company, having to generate the attention and admiration of visitors both visually and technologically.

Advantis NG Fiverr

A complicated design to execute

The chosen space to place the control room was very limited, without an orthogonal shape and with a column almost in the center of the free space, which was an added difficulty in developing the ergonomic design of the technical furniture. Due to this, a specific design of the control console was carried out for the operators with their comfort in mindt in order to enhance their work experience.

Based on a preliminary study, carried out by Gesab, of the space and of the audio-visual equipment that was to be integrated, which included the final design of the client of the video-wall, its controller and other equipment that Avdor, the partner of GESAB in Israel, must incorporate. A V-shape control console that allows two very comfortable, accessible workstations that meet all ergonomic standards was the end result.

Corporate and ergonomic custom control console

Among all the control console models that GESAB has in its portfolio, Advantis New Generation was chosen due to its connectivity capacity, its wide functionality and the quality of its materials.

The corporate logo of Fiverr is present on the side panels of the console, called Nexus Gate, which are generated through a laser cut and a rear backlight with which a distinctive touch is achieved.

The finishes and colours that were chosen for the installation were in accordance with the corporate image and interior design of the rest of the facilities of the company, thus complying with all the requirements of the client.

Control room Fiverr

The result is a room worth admiring

GESAB together with Avdor managed to achieve a very attractive design thus causing an improvement in the image of Fiverr.

In addition, it was also possible to generate a new space for daily use that provides the client with a substantial improvement in communication making possible the management and monitoring of advanced software and corporate data with excellent results for the company.

Thanks to the high quality of the chosen technical furniture and the implemented audio-visual applications, it was possible to satisfactorily meet the expectations of the client.

Fiverr logo
Client: Fiverr
Country: Israel
Sector: Freelance Marketplace/Online outsourcing
About Fiverr: Fiverr is a company founded in February 2010 that offers video writing, translation, graphic design, editing and programming services; all of them called Gigs. Since 2011, the website’s transaction volume has grown 600% and has been ranked among the top 100 most popular sites in the United States and the top 200 in the world since early 2013.

Data sheet


Design, manufacture and supply of control console for the NOC control room in the central office.


Custom Advantis New Generation control console.



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