New personalized control center for Valencia Firefighters

A management center equipped with high quality technical furniture for the development of the daily work of the Valencia Firefighters

The new control center of the Valencia City Hall Fire Department was decided to be located in an old garage. This place had enough space for an optimal arrangement of technical furniture, necessary requirement for the development of its daily activity of fire prevention and control and other critical situations.

Sala de control Bomberos de Valencia

An agile execution challenge

To select the construction company in charge of the architectural project to carry out the distribution and adaptation of the space, the Administration held a public tender. After the public concourse, the resulting company contacted GESAB to design and fine-tune the technical furniture and audiovisual systems.

The distribution of space for the different rooms, the control room and the meeting room, was already carried out by the construction company, so GESAB manufactured its control consoles according to the space and the necessary curvature in an agile and precise way.

A personalized critical center to facilitate the development of the activity

Once the needs that the space had to cover and how many operators worked in the critical environment were known, GESAB proposed an ergonomic curved customized design for the Advantis NG control console made of phenolic, a high-quality and ultra-resistant material. This console model offers optimal cable management, smart professional connectivity for continuous work environments and a healthy, vibration-free operator environment. The stations of the operators were supplemented with 24/7 ergonomic chairs.

In front of the control console where the four operators are located, a large videowall of 4×2 Barco Unisee LCD with a front display allows them to operate continuously the alerts.

The crisis room was configured with a meeting table equipped with advanced technology and enough space for eight people, a presentation display monitor and an advanced video conferencing system. It was also equipped with ergonomic chairs.

Centro de control Bomberos de Valencia

The benefits of a functional space

Due to the professionalism of the service and the high quality products offered by GESAB, those responsible for the project of the Valencia City Hall Fire Department were very satisfied with the final result of the crisis management center.

The control center has turned out to be a totally useful space for the performance of daily work in a critical environment in which various alerts and factors must be controlled and where response time is essential.

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Client: Valencia City Hall Fire Department
Country: Spain
Sector: Security
About Valencia City Hall Fire Department: Valencia City Hall Fire Department is a public organism founded in 1857 whose mission consists on the prevention and intervention in emergencies and the civil protection of the city.

Data sheet


Design, supply and installation of control consoles for the new control center, meeting table with advanced technology and Datawall with front view.


Advantis NG control consoles, meeting table and Datawall.


4 operators + 8 meeting table positions

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