Renewal of the control center of a leading power utility company

A control room with control consoles 100% customized to the client needs complying with all the ergonomics and health work requirements of the operators

Control Center

A control room with high ergonomic demands

The client, from the energy sector and one of the biggest corporations in Southeast Asia, needed to have a facility with high technological quality to carry out the control of its energy operation of the different facilities it has.

Being able to cover their needs for a big amount of audio-visuals in a reduced space and complying the ergonomic regulations was the base of the project. This gave as a result a big challenge for GESAB considering that each operator needs to manage for or five different applications on the same monitor.

The company has a clear focus on improving health at work and caring for the environment for both the organization itself and its suppliers. Therefore, all the workstations must have different characteristics to comply with the international standard ISO 527, which determines the tensile properties in plastic films, and the general design of the control room must comply with the ISO 11064 standard that marks the ergonomic design of the control centres.

Crisis Room and Control Room

Design and implementation work side by side with the client

Based on knowing the technical needs of the client after making a site visit and a workshop by the GESAB Sales Consultant together with the company to determine their requirements, made design tests, layouts proposals and 3D renders with and excellent final result.

The role of the local distributor Calsius Solutions was crucial in each phase of the project, since they helped to the expert engineers and architects GESAB’s team to clearly understand the needs of the energy company and to have close contact and follow-up with the end user. The level of knowledge in the activities of the control room and the management of the mission operations of the partner in this critical area of the world is so wide as what GESAB needs to carry out its activity.

High-end ergonomic technical furniture

The ultra-panoramic monitors for the workstations were very well received by the client, as they help reduce consumption and heat dissipation as well as provide an ergonomic improvement to the operator. Each operator’s workstation was designed with enough flexibility to accept these monitors, added later, for the management of new applications in an easier way.

The analysis of the necessary space for the implantation of equipment in the workstations and the implementation of KVM systems was a great importance for the project since the space available in the room was very limited. Consequently, they decided on the customized Slim version of the Actea Mission control console, one of the best sellers of GESAB and one of the models that allows total integration of equipment and wiring in an optimal way with the ability to adapt to any need.

The workstation of each operator was designed according to the specific tasks to be performed from that position, the implementation of ergonomic accessories and supports and the added value that is provided with the sit & stand system of GESAB, which facilitates operators easier modify their work position, is crucial for the maintenance of the good health work.

The crisis room was designed and furnished with the Advantis NG system with all the necessary features to develop meetings and make decisions in an effective manner, such as advanced technology systems.

Both the workstations of the operators and the meeting table were complemented with 24/7 ergonomic chairs providing employees a greater ergonomic benefit for their day-to-day work in a critical environment.

Control Center

Absolute satisfaction of the operator with their new workstations

The results of the project speak for themselves. The control room was an absolute success, commented directly by the end-user operators and major critics of the resultant work of GESAB together with its partner.

The sit & stand system of the control consoles are being used periodically every day during the working day providing an improvement in corporate health of the operators.

The energy management systems that are monitored from this control room have reflected an improvement in their management and a reduction in failures thanks to the increase in the speed and efficiency with which operators work in the current ergonomic situation. In addition, the KVM system and the management of the various applications on a single monitor help them execute their daily task.

About the crisis room, it is important to note that the wide variety of connectivity means placed at the meeting table facilitates its operation. Although this room is adjacent to the control room and is not separated by a complete wall, the Smart glass offers the possibility to create a private space, being this system a success for the company.

Client: Leading power utility company in Southeast Asia
Country: Southeast Asian country
Sector: Energy
About Leading power utility company in Southeast Asia: The end user is the leading power utility company in a Southeast Asian country with revenues in excess of $4 billion. The user owns and operates electricity, gas transmission and distribution businesses. It also owns and operates the world’s largest underground district cooling network. More than 1.6 million customers benefit from the services. Their networks is among the most reliable and profitable in the world.

Data sheet


Design, supply and customization of control consoles and crisis room for Security Command Centre.


Actea Mission Slim control consoles, Advantis NG meeting table and 24/7 ergonomic chairs.


6 operators + positions of meeting room

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