Extensive engineering work in the Recitecnic Control Room

Recitecnic Seguridad, a company that receives alarms and security systems services, needed to reform their control room making it more functional and efficient, as well as modernizing their technological and audiovisual systems.

Due to the reduced space available in the room to house their operators, GESAB team carried out an exhaustive task of ergonomic design and technical interior design. It was essential to take advantage of each area of the room trying to maintain the safety and health of their users.

For technical furniture, it was decided on ergonomic Advantis Evolution control consoles model totally personalized to the available space. For this, they were designed in L shape, placing operators on the same surface and taking advantage of the corner that, otherwise, it would have been rendered useless. The consoles were complemented by ergonomic accesories for the monitors and 24/7 ergonomic chairs specifically for critical environments. Due to the lack of space to implement a videowall, monitors were placed in the upper part of the room as support.

Finally, a micro data center consisting of a rack cabinet was designed and installed using the remaining space and a KVM system was implemented to control the systems.

Control room Recitecnic

Despite being a project for a control room with only three opertators, a great deal of design and adaptation of the space had to be carried out to take advantage of all the space while respecting the ergonomics of the workstations.

CPD Recitecnic
Recitecnic Seguridad logo
Client: Recitecnic
Country: Spain
Sector: Security
About Recitecnic: Recitecnic Seguridad is a company that es una empresa que provides services of security systems and alarm receiving center.

Data sheet


Reform of the Control Room of the company with custom technical furniture


Advantis Evolution control consoles, monitors for visualization, 24/7 ergonomic chairs, micro data center and KVM system


3 operators

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