Comprehensive remodeling project at Andorra Telecom (STA)

Control room Andorra Telecom

Andorra Telecom needed to carry out a comprehensive remodeling of their control center from which the activity of the services provided by the company is managed. To do this, GESAB designed a space fully integrated with the corporate image of the rest of the installation, maintaining pure and simple lines.

The control consoles installed were the Advantis Evolution model, an ergonomic technical furniture 100% customized to the customer’s needs, offering great functionality as well as the necessary versatility. The consoles were complemented by ergonomic arms for operator’s monitors and 24/7 ergonomic chairs.

To support the activity that operators manage on their monitors, a 67″ 4×1 cubes videowall was installed.

Advantis Evolution Control Center

To provide more space in the operators’ working area under the windows of control room a storage zone for office supplies and documents was design, thus avoiding obstructing the space for consoles.

Finally, with the intention to offer a better visual ergonomics and greater daily comfort to the users of the room, double-fabric curtains were installed to prevent the sun entering directly into the space.

Almacenaje centro de control Andorra Telecom
Client: Andorra Telecom (STA)
Country: Andorra
Sector: Telecommunications
About Andorra Telecom (STA): Andorra Telecom is the public operator that manage and operates, exclusively within Andorran territory, the telecommunications servicices in general, fixed telephony, mobile telephony, data transmission, Internet and other auxiliary services.

Data sheet


Comprehesive remodeling of the Control Room with custom design of the space and technical furniture


Custom Advantis Evolution control consoles, ergonomic accesories, videowall y storage area


12 operators

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