Deskwall, ergonomics and health at work

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The rooms and critical control environments are places with an intense work activity that, in many occasions, imply 24/7 continuous activity. Despite having rotating workdays, operators face a daily work with a lot of stress and that sometimes involves a very high sedentary lifestyle. All very negative conditions for their health.

GESAB has developed the new dynamic KVM system, the new revolution for control centres that places users at the heart of the action. With this axis as a base, a new ergonomic solution that helps to take care of the physical health of each and every one of the operators is implemented.

GESAB redefines new standards of visual ergonomics. The DeskWall KVM system is capable of adapting to different configurations with monitors of different sizes up to 12Kh of workspace. The operator is able to work on a large canvas in which he has different spaces such as his primary area, personal area and finally the annexed area where he can place less urgent information; all fully customizable.

It is a new technology that adapts to the human eye and creates a visual experience completely immersive and without distractions. On the other hand, another of the DeskWall’s innovations is its Health & Care smart widget. An intelligent solution designed to improve the health of the operator in his work place, which helps to avoid ailments and maintain an adequate physical activity. The widget built into the DeskWall system is programmable and activates to remind the operator to take a short break and gives stretching and movement guidelines that help prevent problems in joints and muscles due to physical inactivity.

GESAB continues betting on placing the operator as the star of the critical spaces and favours the development of tools and solutions that guarantee the maximum efficiency and the best conditions in the work place.

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