GESAB technology certified in security against cybercrime


DeskWall, DataWall and APItool, the only tools for critical environments on the market that receive cybersecurity and cyberintelligence certification

Cyberattacks and cybercrimes have not stopped increasing year after year since internet have existed. But it has been since the 2020 pandemic that they multiplied by 600%, being theft, embezzlement or corruption the most common crimes. For this reason, practically all industries have had to protect themselves against hackers by adopting new measures, modifying the way they work or implementing new solutions on their computer equipment.

For private companies and public entities belonging to sectors in which the activity is critical, for example, security, health or air control, it is even more essential to protect their systems from hackers since a small breach can put thousands of people lives at risk. Although, not only these sectors can be seriously affected by a slight cyber attack, but also those industries that do not stop their production.

Having invulnerable computer systems and information management platforms in control centers has never been more essential than in the era we are in, since these attacks are expected to double by 2025. Tools that ensure adequate protection against cybercriminals, both to prevent their intrusion and to prevent the theft of information, as well as to provide continuous back-up processes, are the basis for the correct functioning of any critical environment, their installation being non-negotiable.

It is also true that when it is thought of a powerful information management platform that offers almost absolute flexibility over the needs of user and is strongly encrypted, it is imagined a tool that is complicated to use or implement in the control center and that takes a long time to be learned by operators. Among the many options that can be found on the market, DeskWall is the only one that guarantees maximum security for the environment.

100% secure technology: cybersecurity and cyberintelligence

DeskWall, as well as the videowall content manager DataWall and APITool, the tool that allows interconnecting applications and modules to achieve process automation, have been certified in Security and Strategy by the SmartHC company. Thus, we can be proud of having developed highly secure tools for implementation in the most critical control centers and of being able to offer secure development of your activity both now and in the future.

Our platforms have been certified as secure in cybersecurity and cyberintelligence based on four fundamental pillars for any environment that implements a content management system connected to the network:

  • OWISAM (Open Wireless Security Assessment Methodology): verification of security controls on wireless communications networks to help identify risks, minimize the impact of computer attacks and guarantee the protection of Wireless infrastructures based on the 802.11 standard.
  • OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project): carrying out a web audit aimed at the security analysis of Web applications within the framework of the security audit.
  • PTES (Penetration Testing Execution Standard): evaluation of the vulnerabilities of the computer system through penetration tests throughout the entire process, allowing vulnerable gaps to be found through which hackers can access the system..
  • CVSS y CVE: use of the CVE list with unique identifiers to detect security vulnerabilities in software and systems classified according to their severity in the CVSS (Common Vulnerability Scoring System).

Having positively passed all the processes only reaffirms that DeskWall, DataWall and APItool, turn out to be the most suitable tools for any critical environment, being able to offer maximum peace of mind to those responsible for the installation in possible cyber attacks. In spaces where the activity carried out in many cases turns out to be highly demanding and with a maximum level of concentration, knowing that there are no vulnerabilities in the system gives users the necessary peace of mind to focus only on the activity of the control center.

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