Global launch of ACTEA: the most innovative control console

presentacion actea showroom

The latest creation by GESAB has impressed worldwide. A new control console concept was presented simultaneously in different events globally. From Power Gen International Exhibition in Orlando, United States, passing through on Critical Control Room and a special event in our showroom in Madrid, where a large number of attendees could see and touch the most advanced control console.

But the global presentation does not end here, and next January ACTEA will be presented at the Intersec Exhibition in Dubai, strengthening the presence of GESAB in the Middle East, where is executing many project in different sectors and especially in command and control centers in the field of security.

The first reactions to the new console have been shocking, “a breath of fresh air in the design of control consoles”, “a product that exceeds expectations” or “truly a quantum leap” were some of the expressions that attendees to different events commented upon seeing ACTEA.

Without any doubt, the innovation process implemented in the conceptualization and creation of ACTEA, integrating  engineering, design, innovation and sales teams, has fulfilled the expectations created internally to get the best possible console. Thus, ACTEA features an adaptive center column able to adapt to each operator in both height and inclination of the workspace, maximizing ergonomics with a design that amazes.

If you could not attend any of our events or want more information, contact us now and we will send you our new catalogue.

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