The GESAB video channel exceeds 15,000 views

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The dynamism, innovation, originality and quality are core values ??that configure our company. This philosophy influences each of the actions that take place in GESAB, from the conceptualization of a project for a control room to the execution of a large data processing centers. This differentiation comes with us at all times, covering all areas of our business: product design, engineering study and of course our communication.

Through the video, we want to bring a new experience showing a unique, original and innovative content, providing a great design, one of the hallmarks of GESAB. The quality of the performance of the videos and the message itself have led to our YouTube channel to exceed 15,000 views of 24 videos that are now available to everyone in any geographic location. Not surprisingly, there are more than 115 different countries from which it has already displayed some of our videos, especially highlighting Spain, Mexico, United States, Colombia, the Netherlands and Saudi Arabia.

Among the most visited videos are Ecooling, the smarter, safer and environmentally friendly free cooling system for energy saving patented by GESAB for cooling the equipment using outside air. It´s also relevant ADN + and Advantis NG, control consoles that have revolutionized the technical furniture for operating, trading and control room, with the highest demands in terms of ergonomics, cable management, highly durable materials and unique design that makes the difference in the market.

It´s also very relevant our corporate video, with a conceptual overview of how GESAB is (we asure you that you´ll be surprised!) and the combination of talent and design that has led our company to lead the industry of technical furniture, control rooms, data center and audiovisual solutions.

If you still have not subscribed to our YouTube channel, do not wait to discover the new videos we are preparing for you.

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