Advantis NG for the control of public security in the United States

A minimalist space with powerful control consoles for efficient and ergonomic management of operators.

Advantis NG seguridad pública EEUU

A new project came to us from the United States throuhgh our local partner: an important industrial corporation born in 1922, and one of the biggest military defense contractors in the country, required technical furniture for public defense management and military control.

Due to the criticality of the control room in which the control consoles would be implemented, these must be of the highest quality and durability, as well as have the strictest ergonomic standards for 24/7 management of the operators.

Advantis NG centro de control seguridad pública EEUU

Therefore, the client decided on the Advantis NG model, a powerful and firm console that drives maximum functionality through its professional intelligent connectivity system and a cabling system that makes it easy to organize. With the aim of achieving maximum ergonomics in an extremely critical environment, the sit & stand system was included in the technical furniture, thus facilitating the postural change (sitting – standing) of the operators.

Strategic design and power

GESAB’s team of architects and designers customized the image of the control consoles to the client’s needs, changing the dark sides for white panels without any type of logo and including a grille plate in the lower front part.

centro de control seguridad pública EEUU

The consoles were complemented with ergonomic arms for the monitors and bucks.

The strategic design of the technical furniture was based on large spaces for operators and long consoles for several operating positions to achieve an orderly, efficient and productive space. In which, furthermore, if necessary in the future, more jobs could be implemented.

Client: Industrial corporation
Country: United States
Sector: Defense
About Industrial corporation: Important industrial corporation created in 1922 and one of the largest military defense contractors in the United States.

Data sheet


Design of technical furniture.


Custom Advantis NG sit & stand control consoles, bucks and ergonomic arms.



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