Veolia Hubgrade control center in Barcelona

Veolia is a historical client of GESAB since it has been trusting for more than 8 years on our productos and services for the implementation of its Hubgrade control centers.

Centro de control Veolia Barcelona

On this occasion the project has been developed in Barcelona, ​​where the company already had a control center from which the analysis and management of a large amount of data is carried out for the optimization of energy services. With the intention of moving its facility to a new building, Veolia contacted us again to be able to maintain its operations at the highest level thanks to our products and services.

As in previous projects developed in Zamudio, Madrid, Bogotá and Sao Paulo, the company needed customized ergonomic technical furniture of the highest durability, integrated advanced technologies and high-quality audiovisual systems.

The line to follow in the design had to be ergonomics and facilitation of collaborative work in a fluid way for operators and the maintenance of the corporate image used in the rest of the company’s Hubgrade centers.

Advantis NG Veolia Barcelona

Main control room

In the main control room, a customized curved Advantis NG control console was implemented for the four operators who work in it by manufacturing it to suit the room and it was personalized with the backlit logo on the sides. This model favors optimal wiring organization and a multitude of connections with intelligent professional connectivity for a highly critical 24/7 task.

To manage the sources, DeskWall was installed, the universal management platform developed by GESAB, which allows the connectivity of different systems and applications in a fluid manner.

A 3×2 LCD videowall was also installed in front of the control console so that operators can have better control of their operations.

Sala de reuniones Veolia Barcelona

Secondary control room and crisis room

Another Advantis NG control console was also implemented in an adjacent control room, but in this case with easier customization as it is a single-operator station for the center supervisor.

In addition, the crisis room was furnished with a meeting table from the Advantis NG family for 6 positions, from which they can have meetings while watching the operations of the operators and the videowall thanks to the glass walls that separate the spaces.

All consoles were complemented with 24/7 ergonomic accessories such as chairs and monitor arms.

Videowall Veolia Barcelona

Satisfaction with the result once again

There are already several projects developed for Veolia and the result always lives up to the client’s expectations. Each Hubgrade control center that we develop maintains the corporate image demanded by the company and high-quality operation, maximum flexibility and great performance for both the present and the future of the company.

Veolia logo
Client: Veolia
Country: Spain
Sector: Energy
About Veolia: Veolia is an energy and environmental management services company, fundamentally dedicated to the maintenance, operation and adaptation of buildings, facilities and complexes of different nature, in order to improve their performance, efficiency, safety and comfort at a lower cost.

Data sheet


Design and implementation of the new Hubgrade control center


Customized Advantis NG control consoles, 3×2 LCD videowall, 24/7 ergonomic accessories and DesakWall



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