An efficient and sustainable control center for the road safety management at Spain

Custom Advantis NG control consoles for the road safety management and the development of tests on new tools.

centro de control future road lab

The Future Road Lab of the Abertis Group is an ambitious project that seeks to maximize the spanish highways security thought innovation, technology and the great work carried out by operators. This new control center for road safety is a testing laboratory for new road network management tools and systems, which will allow the implementation of mobility and security solutions on the road network managed by the company.

A 360 project

The client required a comprehensive renovation of the building where the control center was going to be located, so our experts were asked to work in three phases: a first in which the overall interior design was carried out and, in more detail, the design of the spaces reserved for the control center, the crisis room and the rest of the units located on the -1, ground and 1st floors; a second in which the interior finishing was carried out, the technical furniture was implemented as well as the audiovisual systems; In the last phase, the design of the rest of the building’s facilities was carried out.

edificio centro de control future road lab

GESAB’s relationship with the Abertis Group is not new, since various projects have been carried out for them highlighting the great collaboration with the property and the architecture area throughout the design and staking.

To develop this project successfully, our team made itself available to those responsible for the Abertis Group to work together on the design and execution of the different phases of the project.

A state-of-the-art control center

The areas intended for control rooms had to have ergonomic control consoles, so our Advantis NG model was selected, a powerful, high-quality furniture that offers maximum connectivity for critical environments, as well as a space adaptable to the needs of the operators.

Thus, control consoles were installed for 14 operator positions: 10 on the first floor facing a 7×1.5 m video wall, 3 positions on the ground floor facing a 3.5 x1.5 m videowall and 1 position for the responsible for the center.

The operational stations were also complemented with ergonomic supports for the screens and 24/7 ergonomic chairs, allowing operators to maximize the efficiency of their task, control and management of alerts and sources.

An environment to develop productive meetings

In addition to implementing the control rooms, a meeting room was designed with a large circular table for 8 people from the Meet series, an innovative range of meeting tables that encourage communication and boost understanding thanks to its simple lines.

The table was also equipped with integrated technology, which is one more step towards the sustainability that the client was looking for since it avoids other external technological elements.

sala de crisis future road lab

An efficient and sustainable space

The fact that our furniture is made with highly durable, quality, recycled and recyclable materials makes them the perfect work element for operators, since they meet the essential requirement of sustainability set by the Abertis Group.

mesa de reuniones future road lab

Once again, the quality of our services and products is endorsed by a great company like Abertis Group, given the trust shown repeatedly in our team.

Client: Abertis Group
Country: Spain
Sector: Infrastructure
About Abertis Group: Abertis Group is the leading toll highway operator in Spain by kilometers managed, responsible for managing more than 1,500 km of highways (representing 59% of the country) 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Data sheet


Design and implementation of the new Future Road Lab control center.


Advantis NG control consoles, ergonomic accessories, Meet meeting table.



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