Emergency management of the Madrid Fire Departament with Advantis NG

Advantis NG control consoles with Sit & Stand system in the new operational coordination control room of the Fire Department

Sala de Control Bomberos de Madrid

The Community of Madrid requested the implementation of a new operational coordination center for the regional Firefighters to centralize the management of resources and services for a more efficient attention to emergencies in which firefighters have to intervene.

To date, the operators of the regional Firefighters of the Community were in the same control center as the rest of the citizen attention services, emergencies and security, the center from which the management of citizen demand is carried out that enters through the emergency 112 telephone number, but due to its needs they required an independent control room in which they can be alone.

Consolas de Control Bomberos de Madrid

The Community of Madrid decided to initiate a public tender with the objetctive of implementing a control center where to analyze and monitor emergencies through the use of technological tools and improving the disposition of the personnel of each service. After knowing the needs and characteristics provided in the specifications, GESAB presented its proposal finally being the company selected to provide the technical furniture for the new control room.

Ergonomic control consoles for a small space

To cover the 14 positions of operators Advantis NG control console was implemented,  a console that offers maximum functionality through the large number of connectivity means that includes or the optimal cable organization systems. The surface of the console was made of phenolic, a high-quality and durable material.

The control consoles were designed with the Sit & Stand system, a floating area that allows the operator to work free of vibrations, thus building a safe and healthy work environment by allowing them to adopt various ergonomic postures. In addition, the installation of ergonomic arms for the monitors provides a greater adaptation of the workspace according to their specific needs.

Advantis NG Bomberos de Madrid

“Excellent execution of the project”

The extensive knowledge and team of experts of GESAB carried out an extraordinay job in meeting all the needs specified by the Community of Madrid in specifications of the public tender. On this way, the final result of the control room was a success for the operator both in ergonomically and technologically.

In the words of Sergio Yagüe, Head of the Systems and Communications Service of the Fire Department of the Community of Madrid, “The execution of the project has been excellent, as GESAB is a serious and professional company. Their advice and the solutions provided to meet our needs, as well as the robustness and modernity of their control consoles highly valued by the team, have been fundamental for the good results of the control room. I cannot, at least, stop recommending both its services and its products to those who intend to implement a control center.”.

Enrique López, Counselor of the Interior, Justice and Victims of the Community of Madrid was in charged of inaugurate the space emphasizing that “it reinforces and improves efficiency in emergency management.”

Bomberos de Madrid
Client: Firefighters of Community of Madrid
Country: Spain
Sector: Security
About Firefighters of Community of Madrid: The Firefighters Department of the Community of Madrid has 19 parks strategically distributed to attend to emergencies that occur in any city in the region except for some of them, such as Madrid city, which have their own Firefighters Department.

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Design, manufacture and supply of control console for the new control room.


Custom Advantis New Generation control console.



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