Strict ergonomic standards at Oman Airport

Control consoles adapted to high design requirements, system integration and ergonomic adaptation for a 24/7 critical environment

Control center Oman Airport

With the intention of improving the air safety of the Sultanate of Oman and facilitating the optimization of the use of its airspace, the Minister of Transport and Communications of the country launched a process in which implement new, more advanced and modern systems in its airports.

The objective of this new project was that both the Muscat International Airport and the Salalah International Airport, in addition to three other international airports, could handle a greater number of passengers each year, as well as accommodate larger planes in their facilities.

Control consoles Oman Airport

Work developed between GESAB and integrator full of challenges

For this, Indra was selected to develop a turnkey air traffic management system adapted to the requested needs. Given the previous experience in project development jointly between GESAB and the integrator, such as the Palma de Mallorca Airport Management Center, and its great satisfaction with the quality of the products and services offered by the former, GESAB was called by Indra to collaborate again in the development of control rooms with an ergonomic approach.

The client decided to visit several of the facilities carried out in collaboration with Indra and GESAB in order to see for themselves the potential they could offer in carrying out comprehensive projects for control centers.

The GESAB experts had to face two major challenges, among others, in the development of the project: they requested the presentation of several design proposals for the different control rooms, both temporary and definitive, and the systems designed by the integrator in technical furniture respecting ergonomic regulations and aesthetics required by the client.

Advantis control consoles adapted both inside and outside

GESAB worked closely with the integrator developing all the documentation for the ergonomic study of each of the control rooms.

The control console model chosen on which to develop a special prototype in which to house the equipment and technical requirements of the integrator, as well as to cover the tastes of the end customer in relation to design, was Advantis. From the model available at that time, in order to meet all the requirements specified by the customer, non-available applications were designed ad hoc such as more accessible personal docks or having a greater volume of cabling in the beam. It was intended to seek that the console on the outside would maintain the Advantis essence but internally offer an improvement.

Likewise, the consoles were ergonomically designed in different formats -linear, curved or double-sided- with the aim of always adapting to each of the spaces in the different control rooms. Finally, the project was completed with 24/7 ergonomic chairs.

Control center Oman Airport Therminal

High demands set by the client: accomplish

Thanks to the joint work developed by GESAB and the project integrator, it was possible to set up several open space control rooms that allow better coordination between the operators who jointly coordinate the operations of the different departments involved in the operations of the different airports.

Compliance with strict ergonomic standards and a customized technical furniture solution complying with the aesthetics set by the client that, in addition, follows the requirements of the systems proposed by the integrator and managed to achieve customer satisfaction.

Client: Indra
Country: Sultanate of Oman
Sector: Transport
About Indra: Consulting and technology multinational number one in Spain and one of the main in Europe and Latin America. The company offers business solutions, IT services and integrated systems for clients around the world.

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Ergonomic study of control rooms and supply and installation of custom technical furniture for temporary and permanent control rooms.


Advantis control consoles and 24/7 ergonomic chairs.



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