Comprehensive remodeling of the AMC at Palma de Mallorca Airport

Comprehensive remodeling of the Airport Management Center of Palma de Mallorca Airport including the design of the room both aesthetically and technically.

Sala de control Aeropuerto Palma Mallorca

GESAB carried out the comprehensive remodeling of the space in which 38 operators carry out their work at the Airport Management Center (AMC) at Palma de Mallorca Airport, Spain. The project required a new design of the control room, technical interior design in which the lighting or technical floor was worked and new technical furniture, as well as a remodeling of the adjacent offices, the crisis room and the resting area.

The control consoles chosen were the Advantis Evolution model 100% customized to the needs of the space and the activity of operators, which combines innovation, functionality, elegance and solidity. They were complemented with ergonomic accessories such as arms for monitors or chairs for 24/7 working environments. A Videowall of 70″ 5×2 cubes with LED technology was also installed. In addition, a locker area was added to allow a better organization of space for operators.

The meeting room, or crisis room, was modernized with the installation of an advanced audiovisual system, and in 2020, a new remodeling was carried out installing more modern and larger screens that facilitate the analysis of data and situations.

Data Center Aeropuerto Mallorca

Finally, a Data Center was implemented with GESAB Eglon rack cabinets and equipment that facilitates the control of the videowall through the KVM management system.

The development of the project and its improvements in the Palma de Mallorca Airport Management Center has been possible thanks to several years of trust by the responsible of the main works of the airport, who hired GESAB due to they knew well the job and high quality of their products and services.

Taquillas Aeropuerto Palma de Mallorca
Client: Palma de Mallorca Airport
Country: Spain
Sector: Transport
About Palma de Mallorca Airport: The Airport Management Center (AMC) of the Palma de Mallorca Airport is the space where the airport activity is managed.

Data sheet


Comprehensive reform of the control center, from the design of the space to the implementation of technical furniture and audiovisual systems.


Custom Advantis Evolution consoles, LED videowall, Eglon rack cabinets for the data center, KVM system, audiovisual systems and ergonomic accessories 24/7.


38 operators + offices + crisis room

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