Advantis Evolution and redistribution of the space in CECOP

Custom designed control consoles adapted to the needs of the space of the control room

The Customs Surveillance Service Room of the Permanent Operations Coordination Center (CECOP) located in Madrid and belonging to the Tax Agency needed an update of both the technical furniture and the distribution of the workspace of the operators. The control consoles had become obsolete so they needed more modern models with features adapted to the needs of the 12 operators in the room.

Sala de control CECOP

One of the biggest challenges that GESAB encountered in this project was the redistribution of space, since not all the control center operators had an adequate vision of the videowall of the room and, in addition, CECOP expanded personnel and the organization of the workspace should be more functional and efficient.

“L” and “U” shape Advantis Evolution

The Advantis Evolution model was chosen, a complete and simple console at the same time. Its great adaptability to the environment, its excellent visual ergonomics for 24/7 environments and its compartmental structure to locate the connections and manage the wiring safely make this model the most suitable for the project. Due to the importance of the customs surveillance room for the Tax Agency, it was imperative that once the new consoles were put into operation, the operators could start working immediately, which was possible thanks to the ease of use offered by these control consoles from the first moment.

Sala de control CECOP

The technical furniture was conceived with a personalized design since it had to adapt to the new distribution of the space so that all the operators in the control room had a complete view of the videowall. A central main console, another in the shape of an “L” and a last one in the shape of a “U” manage to optimize to the maximum the available space allowing maximum efficiency and practicality.

With the new layout of the space it was possible to design a new meeting room, not excessively large, where was installed a table that meets his needs.

Professionalism of GESAB

The professionalism and know-how of GESAB, once again, allowed it to win a public competition and be awarded the project to renovate a control room of a public entity. The solutions always oriented, designed and thought for each specific client are one of the greatest added values ​​GESAB offers.

Although the assembly times of the room were tight the experience provided by GESAB get the entire project completed in less than a week.

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Client: State Tax Administration Agency
Country: Spain
Sector: Public Administration
About State Tax Administration Agency: The State Tax Administration Agency is a Spanish public entity in charge of managing the state tax and customs system.

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Design, supply and installation of control consoles for updating the customs control room.


Advantis Evolution control consoles and meeting room table.



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