GESAB updates the control center of the Mexican Exterior Circuit

The installation of the videowall was a great challenge during the renovation of the control room

The relationship between GESAB and Aleatica Labs, a transport company specialized in intelligent mobility, began after the award of several projects to GESAB. The success of an extensive joint work generated enough confidence to be invited to participate in the Tender for the Control Center of the Mexican Exterior Circuit, given the high experience of the GESAB team in comprehensive solutions for critical spaces 24/7. The MEC needed to update the operators’ control consoles, as well as the videowall and improve the technological equipment of the meeting room.

Consolas centro de control CEM

The great challenge for GESAB was to find the most suitable solutions to cover the requirements requested by the client and offer the highest quality in the personalization of the work.

The project of the Mexican Exterior Circuit was a public tender in which five companies presented their projects, among which was GESAB.

Proper organization in front of the videowall

For the project, Advantis NG consoles that have an optimal wiring organization system and systems with maximum professional and intelligent connectivity thanks to the modular design that allow the uninterrupted flow of information and total control in critical environments where work is carried out continuously 365 days. The proposal was completed with ergonomic chairs 24/7.

After an exhaustive study of the space, it was decided to place the three operators of the room on a large console in front of the video wall and place the supervisor in a smaller one with a single position in the second row, thus achieving an adequate vision of both their equipment and of the videowall. All the wiring in the room also had to be rearranged for greater user safety.

Circuito Exterior Mexiquense

For the renovation of the videowall, audiovisual technology Unisee LCD was used, a modular configuration screen that was fitted with a very fine structure frame in phenolic material specific for walls, manufactured in Mexico, giving a minimalist aesthetic to the videowall.

Finally, in the meeting room, a large touch screen with a Clickshare system was placed to facilitate the use of technology in the development of meetings and presentations.

The most suitable solutions

The professionalism and months of hard work of the Mexico team preparing the proposal for the update of the control center, and the quality of the products made GESAB, once again, win a public contest. It was possible to understand the deficiencies that the control room of the Mexican Exterior Circuit presented, so the solutions presented by GESAB were the most appropriate to meet the needs of the client.

The search for a lightweight material to create the videowall frame was not easy, but after deciding on phenolic, normally used on the surface of the consoles, the aesthetic result could not be better.

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Client: Mexican Exterior Circuit
Country: Mexico
Sector: Transport
About Mexican Exterior Circuit: MEC is an intelligent mobility company that develops transport infrastructure solutions such as highways, corridors, ports or airports with a regional and sustainable focus.

Data sheet


Updating of the videowall and technical furniture of the control center and technological improvement of the meeting room.


Advantis NG control consoles, Unisee 4×4 LCD Videowall, large touch screen with Clickshare system and 24/7 ergonomic chairs.



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