GESAB designs and installs the technical furniture for 28 control rooms of Riyadh Metro

Riyadh Metro, national transport company of the city of Riyadh, contacted GESAB for the implementation of the furniture for 28 control rooms through a customized design of consoles.

The complexity of this project resided, mainly, in the requirement of the client to have customized control consoles with a unique design and special colors and materials such as corian, in addition to the highest quality of the service and delivery times; challenge that all the GESAB departments took on with great profesisionalism, a collaborative spirit and enthusiasm in order to cover all the requirements of the client.

The city of Riyadh is executing a very ambitious transport infrastructure plan by the construction of several metro lines for which they needed different control rooms (OCC, BUOCC and SMR), some of the accesible, with very especific design and functionalities consoles, what required an absolute customization from GESAB.

Riyadh Metro is a company that follows clear trend towards modern and technological design, while maintaining a curved and organic lines, thus causing a great complexity to the technical development of furniture.


GESAB worked closely with the integrator Alstom Transport in the study of the requirement of Riyadh Metro. Both the design department and the Technical Office analized the project to offer a unique and innovative console in terms of design, quality and functionality.

Due to the complexity of the project, virtual reality presentations were made, so that the customer had the opportunity to live an inmersive experience in his control center with the personalized consoles created by GESAB.

Caso de éxito consolas de control Riyadh Metro

The focus of the project was always oriented to the client to cover their technical needs, of exceptional demand, respecting their tendency to specific design trend and the desired materials.

The manufacturing, the technical validations, FAT and the Massembly of the room were adjusted to the original design and our GESAB team in Riyadh was able to live a very positive experience, since the final assembly was simple and fast, meeting the deadlines demanded by the client and with a final product that exceeded the expectations.

The flexibility of GESAB in terms of personalization and adaptation of our technical furniture, in addition to our knowledge of functionality and ergonomics, made it possible to offer the best solution.


GESAB was able to understand from the first time what the customer requested in this project. Through the proactive communication capacity and the high added value of the presales team and the hard word employed by the designers and the techical office team, the modern, aesthetic and functional design demanded by the client was achieved.

GESAB exceeded all the expectations of Riyadh Metro in all the areas required in this project: aesthetic, technical, quality of materials and service; receiving their congratulations and of the consortium that worked on the project. The recognition of a well executed work has led Riyadh Metro to make a new order for the supply of Actea Slide consoles for SMR rooms.

Riyadh metro logo
Client: Riyadh Metro
Country: Saudi Arabia
Sector: Public Transport
About Riyadh Metro: Riyadh Metro is a part of the King Abdulaziz public transport project, where trains and buses are integrated.

Data sheet


Supply and installation of control consoles for OCC (Operation Control Center), BUOCC (Backup Operation Control Center) y SMR (Service Maintenance Room) rooms of the Depots on 4, 5 and 6 lines.


Actea Slide control consoles for SMR rooms, customized design of technical furnitures for the rest of the rooms with the inclusion of button system and 24/7 ergonomic chairs.



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