Comprehensive renovation with KVM Deskwall of the control center of the Alcudia Thermal Power Plant

The instalation of DeskWall system, the dynamic KVM of GESAB, has allow the unification of all control systems of the room

The Es Murterar Thermal Power Plant, or Alcudia Thermal Power Plant, was developing a production and recovery center that would allow them to carry out the daily work of the operators without neglecting sustainability when they contacted GESAB. These operators must monitor hundreds of events so having a highly operational and efficient control room is essential.

Central Térmica de Alcudia

The design of the control center os the plant was from the 70s and, although it met technological standards, it had become obsolete as new technologies were implemented over the years but the modification of the room had never been made from an overview.

The greatest challenge of this project for GESAB was the short term to carry out all the activities, since it was a control room with 24/7 activity with three groups of turbines working and only one stopped.

Height adjustable Advantis NG control consoles

The solution proposed by GESAB was a comprehensive remodeling, since they wanted to improve both the aesthetics of the control center and its functionality. With the objective of finding the solutions that best adapted to the needs of the Plant, a complete study of ergonomics, air conditioning and technical furniture was carried out.

Sice the main requirement of the project was the unification of all the room control systems, GESAB proposed the KVM Deskwall system, a dynamic KVM that allows each operator to manage and control the equipment using a single keyboard and mouse through the multi-canvas where you create a space to organize all your applications. The KVM Deskwall console was customized in size and shape to the oval characteristics of the room, improving its practicality.

DeskWall Thermal Center

As a complement to the main system, Advantis NG control consoles with Sit & Stand system were included that allows the adaptation of the console to the various configurations of the work environment 24/7 and isolates the operator from vibrations for a healthy work environment. In addition, it has an optimal cable organization system and systems of maximum professional and intelligent connectivity.

The control consoles were made to measure, since they needed specific dimensions, and were customized following the ergonomic criteria required to facilitate and improve the working conditions of the operators.

Comprehensive transformation of the room

In the words of Pablo Gutiérrez, Director of the Thermal Power Plant, “GESAB has been absolutely involved in our digitization process and also in our safety, environmental and quality standards.”

The experience of GESAB in comprehensive transformation projects of control centers allowed it to execute the project quickly.

“GESAB is a company that has both versatile and robust solutions and that have demonstrated a high capacity for adaptability to complex work environments like ours.” Roberto Manresa, Operating Engineering Manager.

Client: Es Murterar Thermal Power Plant, Endesa
Country: Spain
Sector: Energy
About Es Murterar Thermal Power Plant, Endesa: The Es Murterar Thermal Power Plant, located in Alcudia, provides approximately the 70% of Majorca’s energy demand and has four steam groups and two gas turbines.

Data sheet


Comprehensive study and custom design of KVM Deskwall and Advantis NG control consoles tailored to the control room topology.


KVM Deskwall and Advantis NG control consoles

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