Customized Tecnolan in the control center of the Tajo Hydrographic Confederation

Tecnolan, technical furniture, facilitates the implementation of a robust monitoring room with ergonomic workstations for operators

The Tajo Hydrographic Confederation needed to have a modern space equipped with the latest technology to manage its water quality and control systems. This is how the Tajo River Water Quality Automatic Information System arises, a project where centralize such management under a new perspective.

GESAB was contacted by the integrator Iberian Society of Electrical Constructions to carry out the design, development and assembly of the technical furniture for the control center, as well as the audiovisual systems.

Tecnolan Confederación Hidrográfica del Tajo

Robust, durable and spacious workstations

The composition of the control room through Tecnolan technical furniture, a precise range thanks to engineering and steel production techniques that give it a robust and resistant structure, has allowed operators to provide spacious and ergonomic workstations adapted to the needs of day to day. In addition, the modularity and rapid installation system of Tecnolan guarantees the growth of the control center in the future if necessary. The control consoles were complemented by ergonomic chairs prepared for 24/7 workplaces.

The room layout of the 5 operators in front of the videowall, arranged with LCD technology and composed of 3×1, allows the space to be distributed in an orderly manner, generating a clean, uncluttered environment and guaranteeing an ergonomic view of the screen for all operators.

Consola de control Confederación Hidrográfica del Tajo

The meeting room is located in an isolated space that allows meetings in an environment designed for maximum use to be held without interrupting the work of the operators in the room. GESAB designed and installed the furniture in which the integration of technology and connections to carry out presentations or videoconferences have played a key role.

The ergonomic supports installed in the control consoles allow the audiovisual elements to be adapted to the needs of any operator, thus creating 360º positions.

A space tailored to the needs of operators

GESAB has managed to develop a customized control center that has met the highest demands of the client in terms of connectivity, use of spaces and quality of technical furniture and audiovisual technology needed. The Tajo River Water Quality Automatic Information System project has managed to convey through the design and the chosen materials the essence of its work and commitment to a cleaner environment.

Confederación Hidrográfica del Tajo
Client: ajo Hydrographic Confederation
Country: Spain
Sector: Public Administrations
About ajo Hydrographic Confederation: The Tajo Hydrographic Confederation is a public intercommunity basin created to manage the waters and resources of the Spanish area of ​​the Tajo river hydrographic demarcation.

Data sheet


Control center development with custom corporate design, supply of technical furniture, audiovisual systems and ergonomic supports.


Tecnolan technical furniture, 1 × 3 LCD videowall, ergonomic chairs and supports and technical furniture for the meeting room.



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