Personalized Advantis NG for Achinsk Oil Refinery

The client required modern and ergonomic technical furniture for installation in a 24/7 control room

JSC Achinsk Oil Refinery VNK, located in the Krasnoyarsk territory in the central area of ​​Russia, decided to direct its main investments to the implementation of a comprehensive program of modernization of the plant in which they process the crude extracted from Western Siberia and since 2017 produces fuels with better environmental performance.

The new refinery process control center, a project carried out by the partner of GESAB in Russia, Interactive Multimedia Solutions, required modern control consoles ergonomically adapted to the space defined by the client.

Consolas de control Achinsk Refinery

Custom ergonomic control consoles

The solution proposed by GESAB was customized Advantis NG control consoles. In an environment of 24/7 maximum demand, where work does not stop, the system of this console model favors connectivity and ergonomics. In addition, the exclusive arm system keeps cables away from the operator, as well as the floating work surface offers the operator a safe and healthy environment.

The control consoles, ergonomically designed in a linear format where nine operators locate their workstations, have been manufactured with phenolic, aluminum and steel, materials of high quality and durability. The project was completed with 24/7 ergonomic chairs freedom model.

Centro de control Achinsk Refinery

Agile and efficient work

The agility and speed of response of GESAB designing an ergonomic furniture solution 100% customized to the needs presented by JSC Achinsk Oil Refinery VNK, achieved customer satisfaction making them the latter considered an expansion of the control center and control consoles.

JSC Achinsk Oil Refinery VNK logo
Client: JSC Achinsk Oil Refinery VNK
Country: Russia
Sector: Oil and gas
About JSC Achinsk Oil Refinery VNK: JSC Achinsk Oil Refinery VNK is the largest refinery in Krasnoyarsk, central Russia, generating 7.5 million tonnes of oil per year by processing West Siberian crude oil. In 2007 it became part of Rosneft.

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Design, customization and supply of control consoles for a new control center.


Personalized Advantis NG control consoles and 24/7 ergonomic chairs



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