Electrical management with Advantis NG sit & stand in a company in the United States

Big Rivers Electric Corporation control center modernization with custom ergonomic technical furniture

The control center of Big Rivers Electric Corporation, a regional electric company in Kentucky (United States), had become obsolete and operators could not carry out their task in a completely efficient, healthy and safe way. For this reason, our experience was required to update the facility with the aim of making it more productive and aesthetically modern.

Centro de control Big Rivers

The control center had three rooms, two of them arranged with technical furniture for the development of operations and another with a meeting table.

Sit & stand system to achieve maximum ergonomics

To update the technical rooms, Advantis NG control consoles were selected, a model that allows maximum efficiency and productivity to be achieved in the space. It was decided to include the sit & stand system that facilitates the development of the activity both standing and sitting and ergonomic arms for the monitors, which provides greater care for the health of the operators and prevents diseases derived from work activity. In addition, they were personalized including the company logo on the paw.

Sala de reuniones Big Rivers

In the two rooms where the operators carry out their control and management activity, the consoles were arranged in a U shape, allowing users better access to the information displayed on the videowall and the large screens located on the walls. This arrangement also makes it easier to make the most of the available space. In the case of the main and largest room, three single-station control consoles were joined as if they were a single unit. In the case of the second room, only two consoles were joined, one of them being L-shaped with two operating stations and another with a single station.

Sala de control Big Rivers

The meeting table implemented also belonged to the Advantis NG family and was customized to Big Rivers’ corporate image by placing its logo again on the side legs. In this same room, a third L-shaped individual control console was located to adapt it to the corner where it was to be located.

In addition to the technical furniture, custom cabinets and lockers were manufactured to fit the available spaces in the monitoring rooms for the storage of operators’ personal belongings and corporate material.

Advantis NG Big Rivers

Customization and efficiency

The new technical furniture ergonomically customized to the client’s needs has allowed a substantial improvement in the management and control operations of Big Rivers assets carried out by the operators by being able to have better access to information and carry out their task in a more efficient and healthier way. In addition, a more modern space has been achieved with a longer durability over time, by providing high-quality furniture.

The project was a challenge for our team of architects since they had to adapt the Advantis NG consoles to the space the client had available in addition to developing a customization of the shape taking into account the sit & stand system.

Big Rivers logo
Client: Big Rivers Electric Corporation
Country: United States
Sector: Energy
About Big Rivers Electric Corporation: Big Rivers Electric Corporation is a nonprofit power generation and transmission cooperative based in Owensboro, Kentucky, providing wholesale power and electrical services.

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Renovation of the control center through the implementation of customized control consoles and meeting table.


Advantis NG control consoles with customized sit & stand and meeting table from the same series


6 operators

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