High performance and maximum security technical solution in the Celepsa control center

The energy company has managed to achieve maximum efficiency, productivity and flexibility with DeskWall and DataWall

The project developed for Celepsa, an energy company in Peru, arrived from BRCO Perú, one of our partners in the country, who contacted us to carry out the update of the KVM system of the client.

The control center of Celepsa needed to achieve agile and effective management of systems and data and its KVM didn’t already meet its expectations and operating needs, so an innovative, high-performance solution that met the most demanding standards of security against cyber attacks had to be offered due to the criticality of the environment.

The operational position presented by the client was highly complex, having more than 6 systems such as physical, virtualized servers, web applications, virtual and physical machines, some of them additionally being in completely isolated networks, so none of the conventional KVM solutions on the market finally solved their needs. Furthermore, they were also unable to synchronize the mouse, the sources and their various resolutions with complete transparency.

DeskWall, the only solution on the market that covers their needs

In this way, DeskWall turned out to be the only system capable of unifying all sources to view, control and manage the information provided in an optimal way in the same interface and with a single mouse and keyboard. After a first successful test of the concept where those responsible for the project were able to learn first-hand about new visualization, control and unified management platform of GESAB, the new system was implemented.

A DeskWall unit and two 49” ultra-panoramic monitors were placed in each operator’s workplace, thus giving operators total flexibility to choose the work sessions according to their needs and being able to handle infinite work scenarios with easy access and control to each source independently.

The increase in efficiency that DeskWall has given to the operators of critical environment of Celepsa has been exponential by being able to combine various capabilities for displaying, controlling and interacting with information, managing it with a single mouse and keyboard and, furthermore, doing so in a personalized way for each user. What is more, operators did not consider being able to manipulate more than one 4k screen at the same time in their position, but with DeskWall expectations were exceeded from the first tests, being able to use the two screens as if it were a single one with a higher resolution on which to display a high volume of critical information.

For execution in the control center, it was also essential to be able to control multiple video outputs and resolutions from a single device, which could be solved using MultiHead function of DeskWall and its ability to create composite group sources.

DeskWall was not only implemented in the control room, but also in the crisis room from which management conference sessions are held. This makes it easier for them to visualize and answer quickly to the different scenarios they face, being able to handle the same information as the operators, but without interrupting their operation.

DataWall for agile videowall management

To manage the content to be displayed on the videowall, it was decided to implement a DataWall unit, although it was configured so that the information on the videowall could also be displayed from any DeskWall or even from a mobile device. The customization offered by the DataWall content manager also made it possible to configure predetermined work sessions to be displayed and/or updated in a very simple and intuitive way on the videowall depending on the needs of the operation or the information that you want to display (crisis, operation daytime, corporate visits, etc.).

Centro de control CELEPSA

Responsible and effective management in the control center

DeskWall has allowed them to unify all sources to view, control and manage them in the same interface in an optimal way and 100% secure against cyber attacks. In addition, it has made it easier for them to integrate all their information thanks to the combination of screens, electronics and state-of-the-art software.

DataWall, for its part, gave them optimal visual ergonomics both in their operating position and in the intuitive content management of the videowall.

For all these reasons, DeskWall y DataWall have helped them achieve an innovative, healthy, efficient, productive, flexible and decisive environment and a technological reference for the energy companies of the country. Celepsa now has an energy efficiency control center with the latest management technology.

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Client: Celepsa
Country: Perú
Sector: Energy
About Celepsa: Celepsa is a company specialized in the commercialization and generation of energy.

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Implementation of a new information management system in the control center with GESAB technology.


DeskWall and DataWall



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