GESAB implements the control center of Spain Maritime Rescue in Tarragona

Port Authority of Tarragona, Sea Rescue and GESAB worked together for the implementation of the control room with Advantis and the emergency management room.

Maritime Rescue and Safety Society of Spain relied once again on GESAB for the implementation of their new Rescue Coordination Center in Tarragona. In this time the space was going to be shared with Port Authority of Tarragona, placed in a renovated representative building to house the control center of both entities.

The collaboration of GESAB with Maratime Rescue for the implementation of their Rescue Coordination Centers started in the 2005 year when the first installation in Algeciras was done, date after which the rest followed, as well as the Jovellanos Security Training Center and their National Rescue Coordination Center.

On this occasion, for the development of the project, the GESAB experts carried out a design in common agreement with the optional directive of the Port Authority with the aim of achieving a unification in the image, materials and space distribution of both entities. Thus, a control room was designed where the operators coordinate the answer to possible maritime emergencies and an emergency management room, a space in which they can meet to discuss issues equiped with a meeting table with connections and integrated technology for 20 people.

Mesa de reuniones SASEMAR Tarragona

ADVANTIS EVOLUTION control consoles for 6 operators were implemented in the control room, one position for the supervisor and the operator of Port Authority and three operators and one supervisor for Maritime Rescue. This control console model facilitates the optimal cabling organization and a fully adapted to the needs of the space ergonomic workstation, in addition to maintaining consistency with the rest of the control rooms previously developed for the entity. Finally, in this same room, a chart table was implemented for orderly and organized documentation.

Control consoles were complemented with ergonomic supports for monitors and 24/7 ergonomic chairs, which will make the work of the operators healthier by reducing their fatigue.

Due to the space had an unusual distribution, it is hexagonal, the design of the furniture must carefully adapted to maintain the ergonomics required by the standards. Therefore, the control consoles were arranged in front of the windows, simulating a control tower, but leaving enough space between the window and the furnitre to avoid the overheating of equipment, while also having the necessary space in the rear to create an access aisle for equipment maintenance and console wiring.

Sala de control SASEMAR Tarragona

The on-site installation was carried out without difficulties, since the previous experience of the GESAB team working with Maritime Rescue facilitated the task. However, once the work was finished, they had to return to reinstall all the wiring and thus modify the installation, since the client required independent power lines for each connected power strip.

The ease of adaptation of the team of GESAB installers to the different circumstances that can be found in each project made it possible to overcome the lack of forklifts in the representative building in Tarragona, having to lift all the material loaded by the team to the top floor.

Consolas de control SASEMAR Tarragona

The final result is a monitoring center with lots of light, totally personalized and ergonomic technical furniture in which the operators can carry out a task 24/7.

Logo Salvamento Marítimo
Client: Maritime Rescue and Safety Society
Country: Spain
Sector: Security
About Maritime Rescue and Safety Society: Maritime Rescue is a public entity created in 1992 with the aim of protecting life at sea in the Spanish salvage area of ​​responsibility.

Data sheet


Design and implementation of the new control center together with Port Authority of Tarragona.


Advantis Evolution control consoles, ergonomic supports for monitors, 24/7 ergonomic chairs and meeting table with integrated technology.


6 operators

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