Hyper-customized control console for SpaceX

GESAB has become a benchmark in the design of control consoles for the aerospace sector. After the success of the control consoles designed for NASA and Sierra Nevada Corporation (SNC), we received an interesting project from the United States, which posed a challenge for the team, for another company in the aerospace sector: SpaceX.

Advantis NG SpaceX

SpaceX, very specific demands

The company founded in 2002 by Elon Musk is dedicated to the design, manufacture and launch of advanced rockets and spacecraft, and has the clear objective of revolutionizing the current aerospace sector. With its focus on the future, the company decided that the time had come to update the furniture in the control room from which launches are carried out.

For this reason, the GESAB team was commissioned to design a customized control console with SpaceX’s very specific technical and aesthetic needs. Thus, a meticulous and demanding work of study, design and adaptation to the company’s critical environment was carried out internally.

Advantis NG SpaceX

A great challenge for the design team

The proposed control console model was Advantis NG due to its power, connectivity and firmness. The task of hyper-customization of the console was very demanding, since the client wanted it to follow its corporate aesthetic in addition to meeting the technical requirements. In this way, the entire lower structure was manufactured in black: the vertebral beam, the technical bucks and the side legs. In addition, the LED lights on the legs, usually white, were implemented in red and the company logo was included backlit, providing a much more corporate appearance.

But the customization was not only at the bottom, since the control console had to have an extreme curved shape. The envelope also included turrets, common in the sector, which facilitate the development of the operators’ activity.

The result of the design carried out by our experts is a control console that is aesthetically very personalized to SpaceX’s demands.

Client: SpaceX
Country: Estados Unidos
Sector: Aeroespace
About SpaceX: SpaceX, founded in 2002 by Elon Musk, is an aerospace company dedicated to the design, manufacture and launch of advanced rockets and spacecraft whose goal is to revolutionize today’s aerospace sector.

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Design and manufacture of the control console


Hyper-customized Advantis NG control console



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