Process optimization with Advantis NG in US company

A leading company in the design and manufacturing of packaging for commercial products sector trusts in the versatility and robustness of GESAB’s technical furniture to improve its manufacturing processes in the United States

Graphic Packaging, formerly known as International Paper, a leading company in the design and manufacturing of packaging for commercial products, embarked more than 10 years ago on the modernization of its control rooms in the United States, thus optimizing the management of product monitoring and supervision of the quality of their products.

Our technical furniture: added value for the customer

With a constant focus on improving its manufacturing processes, throughout these years, GESAB has been a participant in the ambitious Graphic Packaging project through the implementation of our technical furniture in its different control rooms in the United States.

The client was not only looking for a high quality and durable, as well as robust solution for the control of their processes, but also an aesthetic, functional and attractive design, being GESAB technical furniture the ideal option to satisfy their needs.

For this reason, it was decided to opt for the Advantis NG control console model since the flexibility of this range allows us to develop various configurations and adapt to the specific needs of the client. An example of this has been the implementation of curved consoles, meeting the client’s spatial and functional requirements.

Furthermore, in the last project carried out in 2022, small circular meeting tables were also designed and implemented, thus demonstrating the versatility of this other product.

One of the added values of our technical furniture for Graphic Packaging was the ease of cleaning the materials with which the consoles are made, a crucial aspect to take into account in an industrial environment where you want to maintain a clean and safe work environment.

Challenges: limited space in some rooms

The biggest challenge presented by Graphic Packaging in the required projects has been the access of the technical furniture to the control rooms in the client’s industrial plants, something that had to be taken into account at the time of its design, configuration and transportation, especially in those control room renovation projects where the available space could be limited. The pieces that make up the consoles did not have to be larger than a certain size to guarantee correct transportation and assembly in the small control rooms, successfully overcoming this challenge.

Our constant commitment to satisfaction in the final result, the quality of the materials and design and the functionality of the Advantis NG consoles have been, together, a winning formula for the client.

Proof of this is that we have been working together for a decade with up to two projects a year, contributing to the optimization of the monitoring of their manufacturing processes and the quality of their products.

Also, thanks to our capacity for adaptability and innovation we have been able to overcome any difficulties that arose during the projects and it has allowed us to be part of the growth of Graphic Packaging as a reference company in the sector.

Graphic Packaging International Logo
Client: Graphic Packaging
Country: United States
Sector: Industrial
About Graphic Packaging: Graphic Packaging is an American company based in Sandy Springs, Georgia. It stands out as a leader in the design and manufacturing of packaging for a wide variety of popular consumer products, especially packaged foods and beverages.

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Implementation of curved control consoles of the Advantis NG range


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