Mahou San Miguel renews its Malaga control center with an ambitious project

The renovation of the Mahou San Miguel control center in Malaga has been an ambitious project in which we have participated in all phases.

The Mahou San Miguel facility located in Malaga already had a control center for the control and management of production, but after years of use it had become obsolete both structurally and aesthetically, so a renovation was necessary. The company were clients of GESAB, so for the new project of their factory in Malaga they did not hesitate to count on our team of experts again.

A control center built from scratch

The client wanted to take advantage of the renovation of the facility to modify the entrance, making it more visitor-friendly since it is the first thing they see when they enter the factory, as well as the design of the space for the control room.

The old control room was demolished, leaving an open space in which we were required to build the exterior structure, the walls, that would house the new environment. The design had to have a modern aesthetic with clean lines, maintain the corporate image of the company, and show the interior of the space so that visitors can see the task that the operators perform.

Advantis NG: customization and ergonomics

The technical furniture chosen was our Advantis NG control consoles, a powerful model adaptable to any environment with a high capacity of connections and the highest quality of finishes. This consisted of two consoles with a curved design to offer greater ergonomics to operators when viewing the video wall, with positions for four and three operators each.

The consoles were also complemented with ergonomic accessories such as arms for monitors and 24/7 chairs.

A large console of special width, was also implemented to accommodate four operators facing each other; worpositions that do not require controlling the content of the videowall.

And a meeting table from the Advantis NG range for six people was implemented in a special crisis room, as the walls were designed with transparent partitions that can be retracted to leave the space open to the rest of the control room.

All the technical furniture implemented was personalized with the Mahou San Miguel corporate logo on the sides.

High expectations and needs met

Despite the difficulty of having to work in a factory that did not stop the production and having to install a new space from scratch in the chosen location, the final result is a success, meeting all the client’s expectations and demands.

The result is a modern control center, which complies with the company’s corporate image, which has high quality and durable furniture and, above all, which complies with the strictest ergonomic measures.

Mahou San Miguel logo
Client: Mahou San Miguel
Country: Spain
Sector: Industrial
About Mahou San Miguel: It is a Spanish family company, a leader in the beer sector in the country and with a strong international presence. It has ten beer brewing centers spread between Spain and the United States, four water springs with their bottling plants and a team of more than 3,800 professionals.

Data sheet


Renovation of the control center of the Malaga production plant.


Custom Advantis NG control consoles and meeting table, monitor arms and 24/7 ergonomic chairs.



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