New Hubgrade control center for Veolia in Brazil

Veolia trusts GESAB for the sixth time for the implementation of its new Hubgrade center, this time in Sao Paulo

After the positive experience obtained by Veolia in the five previous facilities spread across Spain and Latin America, GESAB once again took on the challenge of implementing the Hubgrade control center in Brazil, a centralized space in which Veolia carries out the analysis and management of large amount of data that works for the optimization of energy services.

Veolia Brasil Consola de control

Continuation of the corporate image in a new center

As in the five previous projects, the benchmark company in efficient energy management required the control center to have the integration of advanced technologies, customized ergonomic technical furniture for the space, audiovisual systems and an adjoining space for meetings.

The design of the new space had to comply with the requirementsof Veolia, maintaining the corporate image and continuity made in previous projects, as well as an interior design that allowed the fluidity of daily work.

Advantis NG Veolia Brasil

In the control room, where the operators carry out their information management task, four positions in a curved shape were implemented using Advantis NG control consoles, a model that favors an optimal organization of the wiring and a multitude of connections with intelligent professional connectivity for a 24/7 task, positioned in front of the videowall. The console, efficient and with the maximum ergonomic guarantees, was developed completely to measure to adapt it to the needs of the room and was also personalized with the backlit logo on the sides.

In addition to the main control room, a position for the room manager was installed, also with an Advantis NG control console, and a large meeting room.

The project was complemented with 24/7 ergonomic chairs that allow optimal care of the health and well-being of the operators in this type of critical environment.

Veolia Brasil mesa reuniones

A successful collaboration between Veolia Brasil and GESAB

The corporate design of the first project carried out in the Hubgrade center in Zamudio laid the foundations for what would be the following control centers. The replication of that center in Sao Paulo has meant for Veolia Brazil an advance in its information management and control system since, before having integrated technology, the activity was carried out simply and without major professional solutions.

The positions of the operators are now customized to the daily tasks they must perform, offering maximum performance in a centralized and efficient space.

The implementation of high-end technical furniture together with the global corporate image, make this control center an appropriate example of how GESAB develops comprehensive projects customized to the needs of each client. In addition, the excellent collaboration and predisposition that the team of professionals of Veolia has maintained throughout the entire process contributed, without a doubt, to the success of the project.

Veolia logo
Client: Veolia
Country: Brazil
Sector: Energy and services
About Veolia: Veolia is an energy and environment management services company, dedicated mainly to the maintenance, operation and adaptation of buildings, facilities and complexes of different nature, in order to improve its performance, efficiency, safety and comfort at a lower cost.

Data sheet


Design and implementation of the new Hubgrade control center


Advantis NG control consoles, 24/7 ergonomic chairs and meeting table


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