State-of-the-art VIP Conference Room in Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University

PMU organization’s new conference room has 100% personalized designed technical furniture with high-end audio visual equipment to achieve the best teamwork or crisis management

The relationship between Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University, PMU, and GESAB started thanks to the reliable distributor Martin Pro ME and integrator Enpro in the region who have a quantity of preliminary projects developed for PMU. As a fact, GESAB has already furnished the Security Operation Centre for the institution in previous year with successful results.

Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University is an organization focused in having well planned facilities to groom students in communication, teamwork, critical thinking, technology, professional and leadership skills; which are the core skills that PMU prioritizes for overall growth of students and that must be reflected in the professor and management spaces as well.

A project with great technical, functional and aesthetical expectations

The VIP Room is the core space where the top decisions of the organization are taken. Considering the dimensions of the institution organigram and the growth in activities, the State-of-the-Art VIP Conference Room must integrate top technology to allow those decisions to be taken in a fast, organized and paperless manner with all the needed information for each individual decision maker in hand.

The main challenge of the project was to comply with all the technical, functional and aesthetical expectations of the client as it was requested to be a multipurpose space in which small to large meetings, presentations, video conference and many more actions would be developed depending on the day-to-day necessity.

It is important to mention that when it comes to furniture that will integrate a high volume of technology, even more when that technology will be moving in and out from the furniture itself as the retractable and foldable monitors from Arthur Holm and the retractable microphones from Televic, is the engineering that has to be developed preliminary to the manufacturing of what we finally call “technical furniture”. Each single element must be positioned and considered in a 3D engineering model evaluating all functionalities, movements, connections and cabling, easy access for maintenance but always keeping an eye on the user comfort, usability and performance.

Digital means to achieve all information in a paperless space

GESAB worked hand in hand with the system integrator and the distributor as a consultant, helping the client understand all the possibilities based on the requirement and flexibly getting to the point of understanding, always keeping an eye on the aesthetics.

The combination of high-end quality materials with top technology engineering maintaining the desired aesthetics, has been able to achieve by using the 360º immersive GIE VR presentations from GESAB. As well in the space itself, as we did several site surveys and visits for meetings with the team of the PMU organization.

Although all the technical equipment in the room can be controlled from the head of the meeting table and each attendant has the control over its personal space, GESAB proposed the possibility of having an annex small space for the control of all audio-visual equipment in the room during presentations or other events. The complexity and dimensions of the project along with the technology to be controlled, was enough for a two-operator control room with personalized Advantis NG control console in which they would monitor and control all applications in terms of screens, microphones, content, voting system or video conferencing, making each possible action in the VIP Room to run smoothly avoiding any technical issue.

One of the main targets of the project was to make a paperless space in which, with the help of technology, the users could achieve to have all information in hand by digital means. What is more, their decisions could be quantified, organized and evaluated on the go. That required to integrate high-end retractable and foldable screens from Arthur Holm and microphones and voting systems from Televic; all seamlessly integrated in the meeting table with some extra features.

Going one step ahead, the team decided to include in the table integration technology worth to see in a James Bond movie. Tissue paper or personal water automatic disposing boxes that add a high-end exclusive feature to the table, which would later be found as a very smart feature in times when the cleanliness of the spaces is on top importance.

A new VIP Conference Room for better decisions of critical issues

The project itself has been a milestone for GESAB as it is the largest meeting table that has been done by the company in terms of dimensions besides the rewarding experience to work as a team with PMU, system integrator, distributor and other suppliers that has been a knowledge joyful experience for the company.

The benefits that were being implemented for the daily work of Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University organization improve in many ways their communication, teamwork, critical thinking, problem solving, crisis management and decision making.

With the implementation of the VIP Conference Room GESAB has helped to have a reduction of time for evaluation and decision of critical issues, increase paperless work, better collaboration with multiple VIP’s from the organization and better results. Also, the very high-added value design, top materials and finished space in which the PMU organization can show its identity and corporate image, help them continuing with their path being one the most successful education institutions from Saudi Arabia.

Client: PMU – Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University
Country: Saudi Arabia
Sector: Private Education
About PMU – Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University: Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University, abbreviated PMU, is a private university in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia founded by Prince Muhammad Bin Fahd, former governor of the Eastern Province. The University, inaugurated in April 2006 and formally opened in October 2008 with bachelor’s degrees in 17 academic programs, is accredited by the Saudi Ministry of Education.

Data sheet


Completely customized designed furniture for conference room, personalized control consoles for the control room that helps AV management in the conference room, auxiliar furniture and support on the interior design of the spaces.


Meeting table for 33 users, Advantis NG control consoles for 2 operators, audio visual supports and auxiliar furniture.


33 users for meeting table + 2 operators for control console

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