Bucharest International Airport installs Advantis Evolution in a highly demanding control room

High quality and durable custom Advantis Evolution control consoles for airport vehicle management

The Bucharest-Henri Coandă International Airport required to modernize the control room that manages the traffic of the vehicles that work in the airport terminal, such as Security cars, cleaning, luggage transport, fuel trucks or transport of passengers, sometimes including the management of the parking of the aircraft arriving at the terminal. The space demanded a complete update of its facilities and technical furniture since it had become obsolete for the development of the daily work of its operators.

Aeropuerto de Bucarest cabinets

The company in charge of carrying out the interior design of the renovation works was TRADECO ENGINEERING and the company who executed the works of renovating the entire control room was TESARO PROPERTIES, selected them for their professional solution in both the products and the services offered to the client. For the implementation of the technical furniture TRADECO ENGINEERING contacted GESAB, who had previously worked together on a project for another airport, so they knew the great results offered by the company in the design of custom control consoles for highly demanding spaces.

High demanded ergonomic design

GESAB began to work together with TRADECO ENGINEERING on the design of technical furniture considering the limited dimensions due to the dimensions of the reduced space in the control room, while respecting the ergonomic standards and needs of the operators.

For this, the Advantis Evolution model was selected, which provides the operator with a precise and comfortable work area able to adapt to the highest demands for 24/7 environments. The control consoles were customized in shape, adapting them to the circular space of the control tower to offer a 180º view of the environment, and in design, by integrating cabinets where the legs should be included, as well as adding the Bucharest Airport logo. In addition, a lighting space was included in the lower part of the console envelope, thus avoiding reflections caused by the upper luminaires when there is less ambient light.

Finally, the ergonomics offered by the control consoles were complemented by ergonomic arms for monitors that guarantee perfect visibility of the systems to be managed on the screens, as well as of the external environment.

Aeropuerto de Bucarest Advantis-Evolution

Absolute satisfaction with quality and durability

Those responsible for the proposed project for the renovation of one of the control rooms at the Bucharest-Henri Coandă International Airport required technical furniture of high quality and durability for a high-demanding environment as the control room of a big airport. The works carried out by TESARO PROPERTIES shaping the rehabilitation design so that the four operators could be located in the wide space formed by the control consoles and the room supervisor, who also has an individual Advantis Evolution console, have made it easier for them to now have ergonomic furniture adapted to their needs.

The satisfaction shown by all the parties involved in the project has allowed GESAB to continue proposing new projects to develop in the future.

Bucharest-Henri Coandă International Airport logo
Client: Bucharest-Henri Coandă International Airport
Country: Romania
Sector: Transport
About Bucharest-Henri Coandă International Airport: Henri Coandă International Airport, located in Otopeni, is the busiest airport in Romania, serving Bucharest, the capital of Romania. The airport has a terminal divided into three sections: the International Departures Hall with five contact points, the International Arrivals Hall and the Cabotage Flight Hall.

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Design, supply and customization of the technical furniture of the tower control room


Custom Advantis Evolution Control Consoles and Ergonomic Monitor Arms


5 operators

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