Custom Advantis Air control consoles for the maritime industry

The control room for the Operations Center of DNV in  Hamburg required high quality and durability technical furniture, as well as a minimalist design and simple lines to meet the needs of the operators

Sala de control de DNV GL

The digitization process of DNV began some years ago and reflected a commitment to innovation, software development and process redesign in an increasingly digital world. The new operation center in Hamburg is one of the five remote survey and data hubs within DNV Maritime, which is always looking for new ways to provide its innovative services to customers such as remote services, conducting surveys and providing technical support.

A control center designed for the future

The DNV Maritime management team in Hamburg required a control center that would help strengthen the brand of the company, provide their customers cutting edge support and add to the reputation of the company delivering high standards and quality.

Consolas de control de DNV GL

It was an independent Norwegian consultancy who was in charge of developing a fully integrated solution for the operation center. Designed for collaboration and to meet the vision and needs of the remote service team, the designer recommended that DNV use GESAB as the supplier of the high-quality technical furniture needed by the operators.

A project with Sit & Stand Advantis Air consoles

The control console chosen by the client was the Advantis Air model due to its simpler lines and the size of the control room. As a minimalist console with few component elements, this will give the experts in the center room a sense of being in a more expansive space.

The model was personalized with the Sit & Stand system. This makes easier for operators to work in different positions, since when raising the surface of the console they can continue to work either standing up or with their seat raised, which facilitates ergonomics in the critical environment. The personal dock was also included on the surface of the console, which facilitates equipment connectivity and means operators have everything at their fingertips, avoiding distractions and the need to search for different connection points.

The installation process of the four control consoles was carried out with excellent results by the DNV team on the basis of detailed instructions from experts at GESAB.

Advantis Air de DNV GL

High-quality exceptional results

The final result was highly praised DNV, who noted that GESAB had delivered a space fully adapted to their needs and with technical furniture of high quality and durability.

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Client: DNV Maritime
Country: Germany
Sector: Industry
About DNV Maritime: DNV is the world’s leading classification society and a recognized advisor for the maritime industry. We enhance safety, quality, energy efficiency and environmental performance of the global shipping industry – across all vessel types and offshore structures.

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Design and supply of control consoles for the new control room.


Custom Advantis Air with Sit & Stand system control consoles.



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