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Makkah 911 control center

Requirements for the control center of the future

Designing the control center of the future requires careful consideration of various factors. It is more than necessary, almost compulsory, to think about how we would like the space to evolve in the future, not only to deal with possible unforeseen events (such as a global pandemic that forces us

consolas de control libres de contaminación greenguard

GREENGUARD and air quality in control centers

GESAB renewed its GREENGUARD certification for all control consoles at the beginning of the year, thus guaranteeing indoor air quality and the well-being of operators. Indoor air quality is important because it is where we spend most of our time. When we think of pollution, the first image that comes

Advantis Air consolas de control ligeras

How to choose a professional control console?

One of the main objectives of the consoles in the control centers is to maximize the operability of the workers. For this reason, we must make sure to choose a console that suits the needs and characteristics of our control room, whatever its type is: security, air traffic control, cybersecurity,

Consolas de control

25 years leading the control console market

25 years ago GESAB launched its first technical furniture model. It was Tecnolan, a robust and stable furniture which, at the same time, offered the maximum adaptability, flexibility and functionality to the most demanding critical environments. This high-performance system of professional organization has known how to adapt to a changing

Why obsolete technical furniture makes the control center inefficient

In many control centers it can be thought that good technical furniture is eternal, however, the quick evolution of technology and the growing awareness of the importance of the human factor limit the solutions of the past, forcing control sonsole manufacturers to challenge themselves and think now about the ability

Aeropuerto Bucarest sala de control

How to design the most suitable Air Traffic Control console?

Designing a control console for the air traffic management is not a trivial matter, since there are several elements that exclusively exist in this kind of control centers that cannot be ignored. GESAB, with more than 30 years of experience designing technical furniture for critical environments, has achieved an immeasurable

Centro de control moderno

Why it is important to upgrade and modernize the control center

Control centers are one of the most critical spaces within organizations, since this is a place where key processes are monitored. That is why maintaining the environment, tehcnology and processes updated will always be essential to guarantee a continuous operation, with the least number of incidents. It is very common

Consolas de control Achinsk Refinery

Must a control console comply with ergonomic standards?

The new agile, collaborative and increasingly demanding work models with the efficiency of equipment and services lead us to rethink if the furniture adapts to the functional needs of the operators. It is common for the user to expect to obtain more gadgets and features in their workspace, with increasingly

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