6 key factors to select the best technical furniture for your control center

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The design and implementation of a control center is a complex process where a large number of variables that must consider converge: how to design the space so that it is efficient and safe, how the technical furniture that is going to be installed should be, how to place it in the space or which ergonomic accessories to have to take care of the health of the operators. A control room is not a space that is regularly modified, so current needs must be considered and at the same time, anticipating the future by predicting which applications will be developed in the critical environment.

The selection of one or another model of technical furniture where the operators will develop their daily task is a critical decision and there are several fundamental factors to consider.

1. The type of workflow to control and manage

Depending on the application and use of the control room, the furniture should have different characteristics adapted it those specific processes.

In a control room intended for air traffic and more particularly, an aircraft landing control room, the control consoles must have some very special features, such as having enough space to house many equipment or the integration of monitors to large format radar tracking with a fairly high weight and with a 2K x 2K definition that make them special. In this specific case, some special ergonomic specifications are mandatory and for this reason the monitors usually have angle adjustment, in addition to the fact that the control consoles must be prepared for a large number of peripheral accessories (radios, ticket printers, connections for headphones, etc.).

In this case, the ideal would be to use a control consoles that combines the latest technology with an intuitive design with a large storage capacity of equipment to offer the operator a unique experience and the best functionality to develop their usual tasks.

Another example would be of a security control room with a videowall. In this case, it is necessary that the technical furniture is prepared in a specific way so that the operators have a good visual access to the videowall, so the local monitors of the operators must be located at a specific heigh. In this kind of critical spaces, it is usually not necessary to leave space for a large number of equipment, so it is recommended the use of open-format furniture in which much more free space is left for the legs of the operators. In this way, comfort and ergonomics will be improved, something that will be reflected in the health of the users of the room and, therefore, in their productivity and performance.

In this way, each type of application and workflow will determine the type of technical furniture to choose, which should be studied in detail to optimize the work of the control room.

2. The number of equipment to integrate

Another determining factor in choosing the type of technical furniture is the number of equipment that must be integrated in the position of the operator.

The need to house a large number of equipment locally in the furniture can make it absolutely necessary to choose a solution with many cabinets or spaces intended for this purpose.

In addition to the space, it will be necessary to consider the noise and the heat dissipation that the mentioned equipment will cause inside furniture and in the room in general, as well as its accessibility to develop possible maintenance tasks. For this reason, the option of using dynamic KVM systems, such as DeskWall, should always be considered and if there is not the possibility of implementing a KVM, a furniture and environment should be chosen designed in such a way that the factors of capacity, heat and noise.

3. The type of equipment to integrate

Just as it is important to consider the quantity, the type of equipment to be integrated can cause one or another model of technical furniture must be considered.

Certain types of equipment will require the existence of keypads for analog control, large format monitors or radios that need a turret to be integrated. In this way, the furniture model to choose must have sufficient flexibility to be customized to such an extent that it is possible to integrate all these elements, as well as their correct wiring and connections. And what is more important still, convenient access for the maintenance of all the facility.

4. The customization and corporate image

The need for customization and inclusion of the corporate image of customer in the chosen technical furniture is very important in many projects.

Control rooms frequently become spaces in which organizations show their technological capabilities and possibilities or where they present their results and information on the management of their assets, both internally and externally.

To achieve a space customized to the aesthetic and technical requirements of the company, it is necessary to choose a furniture model that is aesthetically pleasing, impressive and that has the possibility of including in one way or another the corporate image of the organization. Thus, the concept can be continued without loosing the technical functionality and features required in the control room.

All the control consoles models that GESAB offers in its portfolio are customizable to the demands of each project, in order to be able to meet the most demanding customer expectations.

5. Ergonomics and health

Perhaps the most important factor to consider and value when choosing the technical furniture is ergonomics, which will determine the continuity of functions of the operators by improving their health and wellness.

The election of a model that met international standard in 100%, such as EN 527 or ISO 11064, is crucial for the correct development of work within a critical environment. Furthermore, the possibility of providing operators with the environment and correct furniture, will lead to a reduction in absenteeism due to illness and, consequently, a substantial improvement in the efficiency and effectiveness of the control room and of the organization in general.

6. The functionality

It must be evaluated if the furniture that is being considered as correct for the project to be developed is really functional for it. In other words, an attempt should be made to achieve a balance that is acceptable to the end user between technical, aesthetic, ergonomic and functional needs.

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