Cutting-Edge Technology for Control Centers in ISE 2017

  • For the first time in Europe, GESAB will introduce the new generation of Digital KVM, the DeskWall solution.
  • Those attending the event will be able to witness the latest in control consoles from the ACTEA line and the new collaborative table.
  • Virtual reality will also be present through the GIE VR (Gesab Immersive Experience) technology developed by GESAB.

This year’s edition of ISE 2017, a very important event for the audiovisual industry, system integration and the IT sector, will be held in Amsterdam from the 7th to the 10th of February. GESAB will participate to present the latest solutions for control center comprehensive projects.

Among the novelties to be presented by GESAB, attendants will have the chance to see the entire ACTEA console line, including the height-adjustable ACTEA Mission and the ACTEA Slide versions for the most demanding projects and applications. GESAB will also be presenting the height-adjustable Advantis NG console, which allows the user to work at different heights, an ideal console for any critical environment because of the easy access it provides to all its connections and wiring.

Another novelty to be presented is a new collaborative table featuring a 65” screen to perform collaborative and telepresence activities.

Visitors will also be able to experience the new Digital KVM generation developed by GESAB, the birth of the DeskWall. This solution allows for the management, administration and control of equipment and sources of information with a single keyboard and a mouse in a revolutionary concept: the multi-canvas.

As proof of GESAB’s commitment to cutting-edge technology towards the future, the GIE VR (Gesab Immersive Experience) virtual reality system will be featured during the event. Through GIE VR, visitors will be able to experience GESAB’s projects in a completely revolutionary way, immerse in them, and feel as if they were inside of a control center through a first person view mode.

More than 25 years of experience support GESAB’s world-class performance in the control room and control center industry. International projects in places such as Dubai, Mexico, the United States, Angola and Russia make GESAB a reference because of its ability to operate in any place of the world. Differentiating design, cutting-edge technology and deep customization in every project make it possible to develop comprehensive solutions for specific critical environments.

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