GESAB culminates its disruptive proposal for control centers at ISE 2017

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The “guarantee of future” proposed by GESAB is not only evident in the quality of its proposals, but also in the vision of future and the innovation systematically implemented throughout the company, which make GESAB a leader and a trendsetter for the years to come.

GESAB’s vision of the evolution of control centers led to the launch, in 2014, of the ACTEA console. A benchmark in this kind of solutions because of the technical furniture design as well as the operator work conceptual proposal, highlighting ergonomics and user experience.

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GESAB surprised the market with a console in which the large screens were beginning to be of special relevance. The increasing amount of information made it necessary for the operator to have greater control over the different sources; in consequence, larger screens would provide more flexibility when handling the information. The first stage had been overcome, and then the challenge was to provide the necessary tools for the user to perform his duties in an intuitive, dynamic and ergonomic way.

Thus, DeskWall was born, a dynamic KVM that allows the administration to view and control different sources and equipment through a single mouse and keyboard, as well as a revolutionary concept: the multi-canvas. A viewing space of up to 8K that will forever change the way control centers are operated.

DeskWall was introduced in the ISE Amsterdam 2017 fair, the most important audiovisual and system integration fair in the world, and it was well received. The attention to details regarding its interface, the ease of use, the user experience and the features it offers impressed everyone.

DeskWall is now at a stage where it will continue to grow to offer more innovative solutions and features to become the gold standard of control centers. DeskWall is the culmination of a process that began years ago with the introduction of the ACTEA console, redefining visual ergonomics standards and introducing new concepts such as the multi-canvas, collaborative work and the immersive experience. Years of hard work to provide operators with the power to control everything through a limitless point of view.

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